What Nobody Tells You about Wedding Night and 11 Tips to Make It Unforgettable!

Learn about the myths of the wedding night. Expectation versus reality. Discover how to enjoy it to the fullest and turn it into an unforgettable moment!

Everything you need to know to enjoy your wedding night is here! We reveal some realities about one of the most anticipated moments for the couple and 11 tips for making it unique. There is a lot of talk about the wedding night. The new couple hopes to enjoy a hot moment and romantic movie scenes, and that does not always happen as we imagined.

Reality surpasses fiction: Some truths about the wedding night

The first thing you should know when the wedding night arrives is that they are not usually as you imagine it.

The big party is just over and finally, the anxiety and nerves of the wedding day will begin to fall. Fatigue is often a lot, and the body asks for hours of sleep!

But then… Where is the dreamed wedding night? How to enjoy it? Not to be discouraged! There are many ways to have a good time, without demands. This happens to all newly married couples. The key is to find a moment of relaxation to make the wedding night unforgettable, in your way.

  • After so much dancing, partying and some alcohol, you probably do not have more energy for a hot night. Sleep and rest on an excellent plan. The wedding night can become an unforgettable morning!

  • To relax! If you have booked a hotel suite, use its facilities to rest and get tired. Jacuzzis are a perfect option to repair energies, as well as hot water pools.

  • Yes, immediately to the wedding, they will leave for the honeymoon Better yet! You will spend your wedding night at the destination you have chosen. This will help you to have your head more freed from stress and be ready to enjoy your wedding night in paradise!

  • Do not forget a rich drink and chocolates. Surely they are hungry when they arrive at the hotel! Many couples do not even try their wedding banquet because of nerves and excitement. A good champagne, a box of chocolates or a delicious meal is an excellent plan to enjoy together.

10 tips to make your wedding night an unforgettable moment!

If you are one of those tireless women, and you still have a bit of energy left for the wedding night, here are some tips to have a great time with your new husband.

  1. Enter the room in your partner’s arms! That the man carries the bride when entering is an old tradition that augurs good luck to the couple. It will be an enjoyable time.
  2. Choose the ideal environment: If you are going to spend your first night as a husband and wife in a hotel, they will take care of the flowers and the setting. When choosing the hotel for the wedding night, keep these details in mind. But, try to create a relaxed and perfect atmosphere with candles, dim lights, and some romantic aspect.
  3. Give your husband a “sexy look”: Choose a set of sensual lingerie. And surprise your husband! But attention, always be true to your style! Nothing more important that you feel comfortable and beautiful.

  1. Perfume: Do not forget to choose that favorite fragrance of your boy for that special night. The aroma of the environment is also crucial! Flavored candles are also excellent companions for your wedding night.
  2. Sensual games: There are several previous games that you can try with your partner, and that will help them release stress. One of the classics is to guess which fruit they savor with their eyes blindfolded.
  3. Music for your ears. A gentle melody will help create the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable wedding night. Prepare in advance a playlist on your phone.
  4. A bath or two. A tub with warm water, candles and music will be an excellent idea to relax. You can add some bath salts or foam.
  5. Carry a set of aromatic oils with you. Give yourself a hot massage session. The oils awaken all the senses and help to decontract the body.
  6. Encourage yourself more !: That night will be remembered forever. So encourage your husband to play, have fun and do everything they liked to have fun!
  7. Take your time: Nothing more important than respecting each other’s terms. They have a whole life ahead to enjoy, therefore, eliminate any anxiety that accompanied you on your wedding night.