12 days ago I embarked on a fabulous European journey with my husband in celebration of our 5th wedding anniversary this year. Yesterday, we returned to find our home safe, sound, and happy. We are truly grateful. Today is my first full day back into the office and it’s full of sending email updates, drafting timelines and floorplans, laundry and snail mail sorting. But one thing is for sure – I have never felt as invigorated, refreshed, clarified and joyful as I am on this day and moving forward.

This time away from the screen has done more for my heart and my business than I ever thought possible. I am super-charged and committed more ever than before to become the best version of myself for my family and my clients. To dive deep into the relationships that will influence me in the best of ways, while remaining focused enough to not become overwhelmed with concepts or emotions that don’t serve me and this life of mine well.

Here’s to this wonderful and amazing mind-shift that has unexpectedly taken place over these past several days. I’m so excited! I had planned to use today to share a recap of my journey and all of the travel tips and suggestions that I have gained throughout the trip, but there is SO MUCH, friends, that I’ve decided to share it in next week’s post! I’m going to take it in stride and commit myself to making it super intentional and helpful to those of you who are planning travel of your own and are interested in hearing my thoughts and take-a-ways as a novice traveler!

I will leave you withВ a quintessential Parisian shot of the Eiffel Tower that I was able to grab – because, well – this.