Weekend Wrapup!

This past weekend was SO much fun! Seriously wish that besides wedding weekends (which, of course, are my personal favorite!), that all of my weekends were THIS good!


Two words. Date night. One of my big take-a-ways from the Making Things Happen Conference (which kicked off today in Chapel Hill, NC – follow along on instagram by following @mthconference and checking out the #mthconference hashtag!) was to have my life and business aligned according to my priorities. Y’all, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my brides (truly, I’m lightweight obsessed with them and we’re total besties, all of us), but my husband and children come first. And the great thing I love about my brides is that they TOTALLY get that – because their husbands (and children, if they have them) come first in their lives, as well.

Well, hubby and I had an amazing time having movie night in our living room (we watched Top Five – eh, okay), followed by Listography in the comfort of our homey bedroom. We fell asleep learning random facts about one another like favorite movies, favorite T.V. shows, food we couldn’t live without. Seriously – couples, buy this book and make it a point to go through it. Together. I love it!


A day that will forever be etched into my mind. I created my first chalkboard seating chart for my bride who will be getting married this weekend! The best part? Her response went I sent her the photo via text message: “OMG!!!!! It’s AMAZING!!!!!! INCREDIBLE!!” *Sigh* I was really nervous about it, as I did have to start it over once because I originally didn’t think it would all fit on one board, but I ended up actually having extra room, which is why I added a sweet little note for the guests at the end! What do you think?!!? (P.S. – Shout out to Amy Webber who gave me the painter’s tape secret for keeping straight lines – SUCH A LIFESAVER!)



You guys. I’m planning to do separate posts for these two, but they’re super special. Today was site visit day for one of my 2016 full-planning clients, Megan Marcus and Justin Glasbrenner. You may remember them from Katelyn James’ rebranding launch as finalist for her Wedding Collective giveaway hosted along with several other amazing wedding professionals. Well, long story short (full story coming), they didn’t win, but have won in SO many other ways – and I am so honored to be taking this journey with them to help their dream (marrying one another) come true! First step – SITE VISIT DAY! We visited three venues, this weekend. I posted these on Instagram to see what my friends there thought of them! Seriously, you guys – all 3 venues were rustic, but still completely different in its own unique way! I captured some pretty amazing pics (plus lunch!), so let me know what you think!!! I’m SO excited to take this journey with them!

First up – Khimaira Farm (Luray, VA)! SO super cute, homey barn venue. It also included wooden farm tables (and basically every piece of in-house decor you could think of). The views of the mountain were so amazing.


After this, we had quite a bit to travel to make it to Lexington, VA – so once we arrived, we stopped for brunch at the Southern Inn Restaurant. SO good, you guys. I had the french toast and I didn’t even need any syrup. YUM!


Second venue was Big Spring Farm (they were the sponsor venue for the Wedding Collective and Megan and Justin knew they loved the place, but the photos truly do not do this place justice – the views, the barn that is rustic, but modernized at the same time, the BRIDAL SUITE (which is, basically, the entire first level of Buddy and Jilly’s HOME – so beautiful!). We totally loved it. Buddy even shared a special project that they’re working on this year – can’t WAIT to visit again to see it in all of its glory!!!


Last was House Mountain Inn – right here in Lexington, too! You guys – the Shenandoah Valley has some of the most amazing views you will ever see – anywhere. Seriously. Being higher up in the mountains than any of the other venues, it was SOOOOOO quiet! You literally could not hear anything. It was so peaceful. Very beautiful property with rooms for rent if you even wanted to have a bit of a vacay for your family while they are spending this special time with you. Who wouldn’t want to wake up with a mountain view on their personal porch with a personal bathroom with jacuzzi tubs? AH! (The below views are from their guest rooms!)

Which was your favorite?! I also posted on Instagram and Facebook and everyone’s sooooo evened out – so it will be interesting to see who Megan and Justin think is the best fit for their wedding vision! Be sure to follow along to keep up with their updates! SO excited for this couple! Now – to head into this week to prepare for my first wedding of the YEAR! Can’t wait to share behind-the-scenes with you all on Instagram, so be sure you’re following! @helloloveweddings XO