Tips to Burn Calories Quickly and Show off a Figure 11

Take note of these tricks that will help you burn calories quickly and look great on the happiest day of your life. They are simple to put into practice, and you will see what results!

Evidently, you are immersed in the search for your wedding dress and that atelier that can have those beautiful bridal shoes that will take you to the altar. You have also sent the wedding invitations, and you are finalizing other details.

When this time comes, we begin to think about the kind intentions for next year, and we want to make reality all that we still have pending: go to the gym, learn English… And of course, also get a perfect figure.

To burn calories quickly and look great you’ll need three things: exercise, naturally eat healthily and follow these tricks that you should include in your daily routine. Only then you can make your dream come true: show off a figure 11.

  1. Have you ever wondered?

To lose weight, you will need to burn more calories than you consume. This way at the end of the day you will have a negative balance of calories that will allow you to eliminate weight and transform your silhouette.

  1. Have a good breakfast (always)

If you do not have a right lunch or brunch, you will slow down your metabolism and burn fewer calories. Studies show this.

  1. Eat five or six times a day

Eat five to six times a day, yes, in small quantities. A piece of fruit, juice (half a glass), nuts… when eating our body is active, so it spends calories. That will help you increase your metabolism.

  1. Take a little more caffeine

Did you know that caffeine increases the calories you burn by stimulating thermogenesis by making your body generate heat and energy, which means more calories burned? Instead of drinking a sugary drink, drink coffee or green tea without sugar. Another trick to stimulate thermogenesis is to add spices to your diets, such as black pepper, ginger, and cinnamon. They are capable of accelerating metabolism, like mustard and cumin. What do you think about placing some gift with these spices among the original details for weddings? So you can explain that they have helped you to achieve this perfect figure that lights up. The same can be done with homemade wedding invitations.

  1. Practice HIIT (training in high-intensity intervals)

You will burn calories quickly and favor the elimination of fats even once you have finished training.

  1. Do not stand still

There are many jobs that lead us to a sedentary life. Practice exercising while you work, stretching or getting up every so often. Move to activate the calorie expenditure.

And if your dream is to dress up in a mermaid wedding dress accompanied by that beautiful vintage bridal bouquet and none of it fits you, do not worry. You will see how after regularly following these tips you give with a wonderful one.

  1. Practice direct thermogenesis

Maybe it sounds like Chinese, but it works. You should already know that thin people are more nervous and restless and do not stop. There is a study that ensures that slight skin movements are almost three hours a day longer than those that are more obese.

And is that the skinny practice what is called direct thermogenesis, which is to move without aiming to exercise. For example, stand up. While standing, you will burn an extra 100 calories per hour than sitting. Stand up while reading a magazine and get used to changing rhythm when you walk down the street. Practice the fast/ slow/fast and apply it at any time of the day.

In this way, your silhouette will be defined little by little. Of course, before deciding on a wedding dress for 2018, let yourself be advised by professionals. They have a lot of experience, and they will inform you conveniently on which is the most suitable for your figure.

  1. Laugh often

Yes, laughter also helps to speed up your metabolism: energy expenditure increases between 10% and 20%.

  1. Take advantage of any moment to move

Become a friend of the stairs and forget the elevator. Climbing stairs is a complete exercise in which you exercise your muscles.

  1. Drink cold water

It is essential that the water you drink is cold. Drinking eight glasses of cold water during the day will help you generate an impact on your metabolism. The more chilled the water you drink, the more calories you will burn because your body spends more energy to heat the water.

  1. Take more vegetables and less meat and dairy

Those who eat fruit, vegetables, whole-grain carbohydrates and little beef burn more calories after eating.