Today’s person I love is just fabulous (even though she would never say it – she’s humble as pie) and I have had the pleasure of working with her both on and off the wedding field (She created the cake & cupcakes for my baby shower, as well)! It’s Kristin Kirkpatrick of Fat Girl Cakes! When I first laid eyes on her work….I believe the word ‘awestruck’ comes to mind. Kristin has the insane ability to create masterpieces – cakes so clean and detailed, you’d think it was some time of overlay or something. It’s crazy. And she’s just an all-around awesome person. Let’s find out more!

HLE: Let us know who you are and a little bit about your business!
FGC: My name is Kristin Kirkpatrick and I am the “everything” at Fat Girl Cakes. Fat Girl Cakes is a cake studio specializing in custom cakes for any and every occasion.


HLE: If not already answered in question #1, how did you get into the wedding and event industry?
FGC: After my first son was born, I wanted to do something to get out of the house, by myself. I took a few Wilton courses at a local craft store and was hooked.  I started making a few cakes for family and friends, and it turned into a small business.

HLE: What do you like most about your job?
FGC: I love getting that near perfect finish on a buttercream-iced cake.

HLE:What do you like least about your job?
FGC: Only one thing? I am going to say it is a tie between cleanup and paperwork because neither never ends.

HLE: When working with a wedding and/or event coordinator, what are your expectations?
FGC: I like to know how hands-on or off the bride is. Sometimes the bride wants to be involved in every aspect of their cake and ordering process, and sometimes they don’t.


HLE: What do you like most about working with a wedding and/or event coordinator?
FGC: The organization… typically I don’t have to worry about final payments, having the flowers ready, having the table ready, etc for when I arrive with the cake.

HLE: If you can share any tips with brides on planning their wedding in regards to your expertise, what would they be?
FGC: My biggest piece of advice is do not have your friends or family members make your wedding cake unless they are a professional. Just this past year I was called to a venue to see what I could do about a wedding cake that collapsed. It was made by a family member, and while in this case, the bride was not upset, the family member that made the cake was devastated. The poor venue staff was calling every grocery store in town to try to get enough sheet cakes to feed the guests dessert. If you do want to DIY the cake aspect of your wedding, make cupcakes or several smaller cakes instead of that 5-tier beauty you loved on pinterest.

HLE: Share with us the deets on some of your upcoming projects/developments (if applicable)!
FGC: I am looking forward to being a part of a ton of weddings this year! Lots of texture, dessert buffets, and multi-cake displays on the horizon!


HLE: Random – What has been one of your favorite projects and why?
FGC: One of my favorite projects was one I had done early in my career. The bride was talking about doing a large groom’s cake in addition to a 3-tiered wedding cake. Being the awesome bride that she was, we worked together to not only design her cake, but design a wedding cake that had two sides, one for her and one for him, so two cakes weren’t necessary. What made it even cooler was it was displayed on a rotating cake stand built by my carpenter aka my husband.

Ermagosh – that sounds so awesome! I’ve seen pictures of 2-sided cakes on Pinterest, but have yet to see (or better yet, eat) one in person!!! Not only do Kristin’s cakes LOOK good, they also TASTE just……yeah. Freakin amazing! For my baby shower cake – it was a pound cake layer and red velvet layers, and the cupcakes were vanilla (half plain, half strawberry filled). I got sooooo many compliments and will always look to Kristin for any future events of my own.

I hope you all enjoyed the ‘Person I Love’ this week! Please be sure to check out Kristin on Facebook to see more of her amazing work! She also has a cute Etsy shop where she sells other baking-related goodies, so be sure to check that out, also! Stay tuned for next week’s feature!