Ah! This time next week, I will be in Paris with my husband – with no kids! We’re both super excited to enjoy this time away together and soak in everything that this beautiful city has to offer. We decided to split our vacation into two amazing cities – Paris and Rome – simply because we wanted the opportunity to be able to explore some pretty iconic locations AND rest and relax all within the same vacation. Once we finalized our final destinations, of course, I went into planner-mode and began to search for an amazing trip planning app to help us create and organize the perfect itinerary – and I’m sharing it all here with you, today!

The app that we came across and ended up LOVING is TripHobo. This crazy amazing website allows you to map out your entire trip, complete with specific airfare, hotel and/or lodging, and sight-seeing information! Without further ado, come along with us on our trip to PARIS!

P.S. – Don’t worry. I’ll be sharing our Rome itinerary with y’all next week and then come back and share my dish on it ALL. You’re welcome.

Day 1
6:55am – Arrive at the Charles de Gaulle Airport (Paris, France)
8:00am –В Pickup Paris Passes (Holy Moly – we’re going to see #allthethings)
8:30am – Angelina’s for Breakfast (Supposedly, they have the best hot chocolate!)
10:30am – Stroll through Le Marais (a trendy & hip neighborhood with great food and shopping!)
11:30am – Brunch at Le Loir Dans La ThГ©iГЁre
3:00pm – Check into Hotel Augustin
6:00pm – Dinner atВ Boucherie les ProvincesВ (Pick out your cut of meat & they prepare it for you!)

Note: We purposely did not put a lot on our first day just so that we can relax and recoup from an 8-hour flight!

Day 2
9:00amВ –В Breakfast atВ The Hardware SociГ©tГ© Paris (Brunch, Brunch, Brunch!!!)
10:30am – Stroll around Montmartre
11:30am – Stroll theВ Pont Alexandre III
12:00pm – Lunch atВ Restaurant Sapori Di Parma (so proud – no website to be found!)
1:30pm – Visit the Eiffel Tower
2:30pm – Paris Big Bus Tour
5:00pm – Seine River Cruise
7:00pm – Dinner atВ 

Day 3
9:00amВ –В Breakfast at Holybelly
10:30amВ –В Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral
12:00pmВ –В Visit the Pantheon
12:30pm – Lunch at Au P’titВ Grec
2:00pmВ –В Visit Saint-Chapelle
3:00pmВ –В Visit the Musee D’Louvre
5:30pmВ –В Wine Tasting atВ Les Caves Du Louvre
7:00pm – Dinner atВ L’avant-Comptoir

Day 4
9:30amВ –В Breakfast at Frenchie To Go
10:30amВ –В Visit theВ Musee d’Orsay
1:00pmВ –В Visit theВ Arc De Triomphe
12:30pmВ – Lunch atВ Las Du FallafelВ orВ A La Biche Au Bois
3:00pmВ –В Visit Champs-Elysees
7:00pm – Dinner atВ Lockwood

Day 5
9:30amВ –В Breakfast at Vandermeersch
10:30amВ –В Visit theВ Palace of Versailles
1:30pmВ – LunchВ Du Pain Et Des IdГ©es
2:30pmВ –В VisitВ Palais Garnier
4:00pmВ – Visit Luxembourg Palace & Gardens
5:30pm – Dinner at Pedzouille

After dinner, we’re heading back to the airport to catch a late flight to Rome! Whoohoo!

Some additional notes tips for planning:

  • Be sure to check opening times for the attractions/restaurants/stores. Some are closed on random days throughout the week.
  • We wanted to leave the nighttimes open for absolute spontaneity, so this is why there’s never anything much past dinnertime. We may take this time to rest after walking, hitting up a nearby pub/bar, strolling into a fabulous dessert recommendation, etc. Who knows!
  • Download Google Translate! We do know a TINY bit of French (after about 20-25 Rosetta Stone lessons), but we’d like to at least know how to read and do our best to communicate in the native language while we are there. I have received advice from other travelers that the French will respect you more and be nicer if you try your best to be respectful to them – even if you sound terrible while doing so!
  • If you end up purchasing the Paris Pass, beВ aware that the museum pass only comes in intervals of 2, i.e. – if you purchased a 3-Day Paris Pass, then your Museum Pass is only valid for 2 days from the time you first enter a valid museum.

See you next week to give you the dish on our Rome itinerary! XO