Moleskine Weekly Planner + Notes | Review


I am finally getting around to writing this review for my lovely Moleskine planner! One of my February goals was to invest in a new 2014 planner, as I’ve used one since I start Hello Love Events and it has helped me out SO much with keeping track of meetings, important dates, and most of all – my all-time obsession: to-do lists! Previously, I was a devoted buyer of a planner I randomly purchased from a bible book store and it turned out to be PERFECT for my needs in a planner! We were going two years strong and then……they stopped selling it! What?!?! What was I going to do!?!?!

Thus began my search for a new planner. It’s been tough ya’ll. I never knew I wanted in a planner until I actually had to search for one that would work best for me and my business. As I began to think about things that I KNEW I would want in a new one, here’s what I came up with:

  • Must be the perfect size. Hahaha! What’s perfect? For me, this is something that’s not so small that I find it difficult to write in, but not so big that I can’t easily carry it around and/or store it with me wherever I go.
  • Must be the perfect price. Ya’ll – I simply can’t see myself spending $50-$60 on a planner! I was determined to find one that met my needs without breaking the bank (Although, since finding my Moleskine, I have been tempted to splurge on some others!)
  • Must have adequate space under each date to list multiple meetings, information, etc. I write medium-sized text so I need ample space to write under each date and I need to be able to write quite a bit.
  • Must have separate page for notes + action items – this is probably the most important to me. I think of things that I need to do randomly each day, during meetings or simply while working at home. I need to be able to quickly pull out my planner and jot down items that I need to complete at a later time.
  • Must be durable. Ya’ll – I carry my planner everywhere I go. I’m pretty rough with it, as well. It needs to be pretty heavy-duty to withstand my rough handling.

So with this list in tow – my search began. I honestly thought I would never find it. It’s crazy how many planners out there do NOT have separate space for random notes, action items, etc. and this was an absolute MUST in my new planner! After searching on my own for a while, I decided to go to Google one day and search ‘Weekly Planner Notes Page’ (or something similar) and came upon an article discussing must-haves in a perfect planner. Their list matched MY list, and the author was also having difficulty finding THE ONE. So, they went to the audience and polled them for planner suggestions that matched the criteria listed. I began to read the comments and lo and behold….SO many of them kept recommending this ‘Moleskine Weekly Planner’.



Now to be honest – I had NEVER even heard of Moleskine planners. I had no clue about the company or what it was – until I went to their website and looked. WOW – these folks have every type of planner you could imagine (this is what it seemed like – this changed within the next coming months as I continued my search even after I had purchased my Moleskine…no….there are limitless amounts of planners out there!). And there it was….as I was searching and searching, looking at the different types of planners that they suggested – I came upon their Weekly Planners (+ NOTES)!

I was instantly in heaven. Looking at the preview photos, this planner had some and entire 2 pages dedicated to ONE WEEK. The left-hand page was for the days in the week with space to write in appts, etc. – while the right-hand page was lined and dedicated to notes and such for that week. PERFECT! It didn’t take me long to decide to purchase it. I actually ended up having to purchase an 18-month since they were sold out of the 12-month at this point. I also had to get the monotonous black because every other color was sold out. I chose hardcover because of my last criteria (I beat up on my planners, guys! It’s all in good love!). They come in 3 different sizes (pocket, large and XL) and I chose the large.

Once I received it, I was a bit (no, ALOT) bothered by the boring black, so you can check out my Moleskine Washi Tape Makeover here and here! Once it was ‘pretty-fied’, it was (and absolutely has been) perfect! I am constantly using the lined pages to jot out my random thoughts throughout the day. The size is JUST right! It’s not small enough to fit in my pocket, but I can definitely throw it in my purse! If I could point out one thing that I am considering requesting the next time around is that the days have a bit more space to write in appts. There is space now, but I want MORE! Especially for the weekends, seeing as since I’m a wedding planner – those are usually the busiest for me.

I know this was lengthy ya’ll – but I DID want to be thorough in my assessment and go from start to finish of my search. Have you found YOUR perfect planner? What was your MUSTS? Where did you find yours? Let me know in the comments!!! Thanks for reading guys – see you next time! xoxo