Making Things Happen Conference | Recap

“I used to be afraid of failing at the things that really mattered to me, but now I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.” – Bob Goff

(I. Love. This. Woman. – SO MUCH!)

That one quote just about sums up my life-changing experience at Making Things Happen, the 2-day intensive that I attended 2 weeks ago down in Chapel Hill, NC. Ya’ll. I’m so afraid that this post will NOT do my experience any justice. Actually, to be quite honest – it won’t. That’s a fact. However, I did make it a goal to at least ATTEMPT to give you all a small glimpse into the fire that was set in my heart and soul during these 2 days.

Around this time last year, when I was initially considering attending this conference, I reached out to several of my industry friends that had already attended to get a feel for what the conference would be like. They all then went on and on about how great it was, how they learned so much – but…nobody really gave me a SOLID answer. What’s the structure like? What kind of work/exercises do we do? What subjects do the host(s) cover? What’s the timing for each day?

Once each of our conversations were over, I still felt like I had absolutely no clue about what I would getting myself into. All they kept saying was – you HAVE to go. It will CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE. Okay…I’ll admit. This was sort of annoying. No, it was VERY annoying.

Now….I laugh. One of those gut-busting laughs when I think about it. Why? Because now…I get it. I TOTALLY get it! When I got back, the first things my friends and colleagues asked was, “How was it? What all did you learn? How are you planning to ‘Make it Happen???” All of those questions….are truly and utterly overwhelming to answer. You don’t just ASK, “How was it?” about this conference. You can’t simply just……’answer’ it. These folks to call it an ‘intensive’ for a reason. It was – INTENSE.

Instead of trying to encompass everything I experienced and/or took away from this conference into one blog post (literally impossible), I chose to simply state a few lessons that I learned throughout these 2 days that I will take with me in my mind and my heart for the rest of my natural life, both inside of this entrepreneurial journey and out. These are the pieces that have literally changed my heart…and my life, forever.

  • The # of followers you have on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – WILL. NOT. MATTER in 50 years.
  • Find your CORE. What really MATTERS to you. It will enable you to choose when the road ahead gets unbearably difficult and overwhelming.
  • Comparison is the thief of joy. Find contentment in YOUR journey and support others in theirs.
  • Community is CRUCIAL. Consider the person next to you. What if they are only 2% more lonelier than you? Don’t be afraid to be the FIRST to reach out.
  • Don’t be afraid to fall on your face. A few times. These are the times when you learn a LOT.
  • I was made for MORE. Wayyyyyyy more.
  • I was made for something DIFFERENT and just as GREAT as the person who I compare myself to.
  • Take some time to ask people how they’re doing. And don’t just accept the ‘Good!’ answer. Ask them, “No really. How ARE you?” It may just change their life.
  • Remove toxic relationships. Immediately.
  • Exchange distractions with other productive and positive things. Don’t make the mistake of leaving that space idle. It will breed other distractions if left alone.
  • Be intentional about filling your days with things that fire you up! Live on PURPOSE.
  • How you start the day – determines the day.
  • The pursuit of living on purpose is worth it.
  • My life is too short to not spend it with the ones I love. (I had a TON of “My life is too short…”‘s)
  • I am saying no to myself and yes to the Lord.
  • I am saying no to comparing myself to others.
  • I am saying yes to making God the entree and not the side dish (Shout out to my MTH colleague who blew my mind with this!).
  • It’s about PROGRESS, not perfection.
  • I was created to bring people to Christ.
  • I am saying yes to my kids & their happiness.
  • I AM selfless.
  • I believe that the impossible is possible, with God.
  • My family is most important to me.
  • How I spend my time is how I spend my LIFE.
  • Remember to set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timeable).
  • The goal is not my OWN happiness. The goal is changing the world.
  • Contentment is the key to financial success. (WHOOP Will Ray!!!)
  • “The greatest obstacle to destiny is debt.” – Mark Cuban
  • Profit happens when income goes up *point up* and expenses go down *point down*.
  • Prepare yourself for success! (Don’t provide a service, have it rapidly explode in need, and not be prepared for its success)

“My #1 priority when I leave MTH is to intentionally live and care in the order that God intended.” – Lacoya Heggie

And who can write a blog post with no photos? I’ll first start off with some of beautiful photos from Emily March Photography and Glessner Photography! Then I’ll share some of my real “classy” iPhone shots.

Y’all. Like I said…..INTENSE. On the right, I was telling Emily how I made sure to tell Will that if I go bankrupt in the next few years, that he could blame it all on her shop. *tears* Hahaha! She was pretty tickled. #kiddingbutnotreally

(SN: I don’t know why I chose to include the above photo of Carrie and Grace. It just made me happy. *smile)

BEWARE: Not as good as the professionals…but happy and fun, nonetheless. #dontjudgeme

Kate (Left) is an amazing interior designers and she came a llllll the way from Nova Scotia! I loved her slight accent! Bonnieeeeeeeee (Owner of Mobella Events down in Florida – one of the sweetest people I have ever met. I love her voice! It’s full of sugah!

Who doesn’t love themselves some Karen Stott (left)?! I am SO pumped to have been able to meet her AND be in her small group, along with Amber Housley and Casey Chappell! I can not WAIT to see her again next year at the Pursuit Conference! Wahooooo! One of my amazing roomies is here on the right! She has such an amazing heart and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for her.

Tracey, Tracey! Fabulous event planner/stylist down in Florida! Loved her – sass and sweetness, all in one! Tara, here on the right, is also a planner in SC! I had to love on my planners. We do a LOT for our couples, don’t we?!

I had been IG-stalking Kristin for quite some time and I FINALLY got to give her all sorts of hugs! Love her spirit and heart for strong marriages! This beautiful woman to my right had me in giggles the entire time! She had such a great sense of humor and I am definitely going to miss her!

I had such an amazing time and am SO excited to put some of these learned lessons into action. What about y’all? Go live on PURPOSE, friends! XOXO

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