Love on a Bicycle

The excellent climate characteristic of the Canary Islands is an incentive when it comes to outdoor activities. Thanks to its sunny days and its mild temperatures one feels more energetic and, therefore, eager to enjoy everything that this paradise of the Atlantic Ocean offers.

One of the ways to know better the island that you have decided to visit is with a bike ride. Not only will you be improving your health while having fun, but you will be able to share this romantic experience with the person who makes you fall in love more every day.

This is also a good subject for a photo session, either for pre-wedding or post-wedding. The bicycle, regardless of whether it is of urban or retro air, is an element that gives a lot of play and involves movement, so it invites you not to remain static during the session.

Walk carrying the bike, leave it on while resting on the grass or compete to see which of the two is the fastest; You just have to do what you like, and the photographer will take care of the rest. It will be an excellent way to lose the fear of being in front of the camera.

There are impressive landscapes of every corner of our islands, from natural monuments to endless beaches, charming cities, and towns and magical forests. So when you think about the perfect environment for your photos, remember that the important thing is that you will be together, even if you do not know where the road will take you.

On your big day, the bicycle can give a unique touch to the decoration that reminds you of your children’s trips with your parents or summer evenings with friends. If you still have that bike, you can restore it for the occasion and create a beautiful signature corner with it.

Since you are determined to form a team, another alternative for all we have told you is to use a tandem. We are sure that you will laugh a lot if you have not ridden one before. And if after so much sport you need to recover, nothing better than a good massage as a couple.