How to Burn Calories Quickly Before the Wedding

If in the final sprint before the wedding you want to lose some weight to look even prettier than you are, do not miss all these tips and tricks to burn calories easily and quickly. You will be beautiful!

The months before the link are a race against time to plan a thousand and one details: think wedding gifts, choose flowers for your beautiful bridal bouquet, visit several ateliers in search of your fantastic wedding dress… Sometimes with so much, we forget that the most important thing is to be radiant on day B. Keep in mind that to achieve 100% you will need to be fit and take care of yourself with a healthy diet. What will you get? Burn more quickly those calories that you have left over. Do you aim these tips?

Plan everything in an agenda

To prepare this definite plan that helps you burn calories, you just need a little bit of will and planning. In this sense, you can find a great help in an agenda where you write down your menus, what you eat daily and the exercise you do to burn calories and tone up your body. So everything will be controlled!

Run, walk and dance!

Being in shape is the key to burn calories quickly and shine your light. You do not need intensive exercise. Now you have your dress ready, and it does not matter that you lose much weight. It is only necessary to burn some calories to stylize your figure even more.

Go for an hour a day or a half hour. And if you have time, take time to dance (you can turn your house into a dance floor). These activities will mean burning about 100 calories a day. Perfect for your figure. More ideas? Practice a bit of swimming to tone up the muscles.

Practice slow sport

Now it is not about making a race against the clock. Equip yourself with comfortable shoes and sport soft, that also serves to relax. It’s just a matter of burning a few calories. And if you still have something pending, like picking up your bridesmaids’ party outfits or missing some of the romantic songs for weddings to choose from, spend this sports time thinking about these issues.

In addition to the exercise routine, it is essential that you plan a specific menu to avoid excess calories because if your meals contain too many, you can not burn them all. We always recommend going to a nutritionist, but if you point these tricks you will also see effective results:

  • Breakfast: a natural orange juice and whole-grain toast will give you enough energy that you need to face the day.
  • Mid-morning: you always have to make five meals a day. If you carry a light snack (fruit, yogurt, nuts…) it will help speed up your metabolism.
  • Food: the key is not to overeat and always include a garnish of vegetables. Your organism will be purified. Works!
  • Snack: while you write all those decorating ideas for weddings, do not snap between hours. Bet on an apple or a sugary refreshing drink (a cold tea, lemonade…) to satisfy your appetite or decant for a yogurt with fruit or muesli.
  • Dinner: Eat less than at lunch and try not to be a paste or something weighty. Essential? Everything on the plate.

Also drink about two liters of water a day, do not stop taking tea and consume little sugar.

Burn calories according to the wedding dress

If you have to exercise to burn calories quickly, why not do it according to the dress you have chosen? It is essential that choose the style you want, prepare your silhouette to look perfect. Toning areas such as shoulders is a great idea that we recommend since you can wear a wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline, for example. Or a great word of honor.

A mermaid cut dress will accentuate your curves, so if you opt for it works areas like the buttocks. We assure you that if the months before the wedding you go up, and downstairs forgetting the elevator, you will notice the results. Work also the hips with squats and leg exercises. Keep in mind that this type of dresses are very tight at the hip, so it is essential to take care of this area.

If you opt for a straight line design, the best exercises to burn calories you can do are in the arms and legs. We advise you to combine cardio workouts with weights (do not put too much weight, only the necessary to tone) since the result is much more spectacular.

How about? While your big day is coming, take care of yourself, exercise and have a healthy diet. That will be enough to stylize you. And if you still do not have the wedding details ready, hurry up, and it’s almost over.