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We haven’t done a Hello Love! feature in a while and I’d like to get back in the habit of doing that this year, especially since I’m doing so much investing into building my community and boy – this is so much fun! Today we are bringing back such a dear friend of mine who has REALLY got it going on in the wedding industry these days! Amanda Veronee – my favorite Virginia floral stylist – was on the blog last year, prior to her rebrand when she was still known as “Anthomanic”. It’s funny to think that since she’s rebranded, I can’t think of her as anything other than “Amanda Veronee”! I guess that means that it was destined! I’m so glad she’s here and that y’all get to know her a little better! Shall we?

HLE: You were first featured here on the blog last February! SO much has changed since then, right?! Give us a brief summary on everything that has happened since then!

Amanda: So much has changed!! I rebranded the business from Anthomanic to Amanda Veronee, I’m moving my studio this month to a gorgeous new space, AND I had a baby! BIG changes this year!

HLE: Your new branding is absolutely AMAZING! How did you come across Jennifer Olmstead with DeletedSpaceCreative? Going into your rebrand, what overall concept/theme did you want to convey to your target audience?

Amanda: I heard of Jen Olmstead from a few Virginia photographers. I knew I wanted something completely unique and personal to me. I also needed an overhaul in my branding, and she does such an amazing job with visual brand identity, and creating custom web experiences for her clients. For my brand, I wanted a site that was unique, fun, interactive and basically my personality in web form! She really knocked it out of the park in terms of fitting ME and representing who I am to my potential clients!

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HLE: The Workshop – Exciting!! How did you come up with the idea to host your own floral workshop? Give us a snippet of what attendees can expect if they  choose to signup (which you totally should)!

Amanda: The workshop is so. much. fun. We play with a ton of flowers! The highlight is definitely the second day where we create, as a team, a floral canopy – a backdrop covered in florals! This can be an intimidating or confusing piece for newer designers. I love to help them create this without fear. They also will be creating other wedding floral designs such as a floral crown, a garland, bridal bouquet, corsages and boutonnieres and table centerpieces. They are able to use these techniques for any piece, large or small, that they’ll need to create for their clients in future! It really is a full – everything you need to know – two days with me, designing! I also cover the backend things like pricing, consultations and proposals!

HLE: Baby Bane – PERFECTION! Being a mother, a wife, and a small business owner can be so stressful at times, right?! How do you find balance in it all?

Amanda: I’m still figuring it out! I make sure to carve out time to answer emails and meet with clients when it’s off season and I have no ‘daily’ nanny. I style weddings for a select amount of brides per year, so I don’t have a massive operation and don’t have staff on duty year-around. This means I need to make sure to plan to do calls and emails in the evening if baby Bane has a clingy day and doesn’t give me long naps to get work done!… which any mom knows is the way it is during the crazy teething phase!

(Photo Credit: Katelyn James Photography)

HLE: I SO enjoyed hearing from you during Creative at Heart and am SO excited about the next round of (Registration is now OPEN! – go get your ticket)! Can you give us a sneak peek into how you’ll be participating this time around?

Amanda: The first round of Creative at Heart was so AMAZING! They really had a fun and informative packed two days for the attendees! I’ll be a panelist again for round 2 and I am so excited!! I expect different questions about pricing, workflow, etc.. But mainly, in any of my answers or advice, I hope to inspire the attendees to dream big for their business and finding what makes their business unique for their clients!

HLE: What are some of the biggest lessons that you are learning in this season of your life?

Amanda: Time management is extremely important! I’ve always had a luxury of spare time when I’m not working during business hours to do tweaks on things. Having a baby, I don’t have the luxury of extra time. So, I am being forced to work fast and reduce clutter or extra things that don’t help me produce fabulous weddings for my clients!

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HLE: Any advice that you’d like to share with all of the small business owners out there?

Amanda: Surround yourself with fellow business owners you admire, and never stop learning!

HLE: Any advice that you’d like to share with all of the amazing brides/grooms out there?

Amanda: Hire vendors you love, trust and want to work with!

HLE: Random – What’s your guilty pleasure these days?
Amanda: Chipotle!


Okay – who DOESN’T love Chipotle! It’s right around the curb from my church, and I am soooooo tempted to go there after every service! Thank you SOOOO much, Amanda for sharing some of your life and wisdom with us – we are so glad you joined us, today for just a little while! We can’t wait to see what you’re up to for 2015! Please y’all – go check out Amanda’s work, she’s an absolute genius in more ways than one! Love you, Amanda! XOXO

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