Doing What Matters Most in 2015

Hey Y’all! I hope you guys are knee-deep in what matters most this holiday season (and all year-round, actually) – Jesus, family, friends, laughing (until you cry) with those you love! I sure am and it feels mighty awesome! As most of you know, I intentionally blocked off Oct-Dec earlier this year to spend with my family and figuring out what matters most in my business to and get into gear for 2015.

While digging deep, I’ve been reflecting over A LOT, and I’ve recently realized something. I’ve been trying to keep up with the Joneses, y’all! I’ve struggled for SUCH a long time with trying to consistently blog every. single. day and every time I attempt this – I fail. And not only do I fail – but while I stress myself out trying to figure out how I’m going to successful blog everyday AND be a dedicated wife, mom, church member (I love my church, y’all), wedding planner, full-time corporate worker, student (yes, I am currently enrolled!), friend to those who take the time to invest back into me (and even some who don’t!) – the dedication in those areas fail, as well.

I think one of the MTH alums said it best – “I get so overwhelmed at the many tasks that I have to do and hats that I wear that when I get home, I just say…..’Eff this. I’m getting on Instagram.'” (that still makes me double over in laugher because I seem to do this every day!) Can anyone else relate?!?! I’ve become SO consumed with TRYING to blog every day that I’ve ultimately ended up not blogging at all AND seriously lacking in other areas of my life. That is too funny (I’m literally laughing as I type this). I’ve tried so hard to live up to this ideal or thought that if I DON’T blog every day, people will think I’m not current. People will think that I’m not doing anything worth blogging about and nobody will want to hire me. I won’t be successful. I won’t get brides. I will ultimately fail if I don’t blog every day.

Now who’s with me? Is that not the SILLIEST thing?!?!? But the enemy had really done a doozy on my head, y’all! Now, don’t get me wrong – I do agree that blogging MEANINGFUL content on a consistent basis is a GREAT way to gain readership and a following, which can lead increased SEO and improved rankings on the inter webs. But is it REQUIRED for ‘success’? Absolutely not. Success to me is obtaining and maintaining meaningful relationships with my brides and professional friends. Success to me is seeing a bride and groom have the day of their LIVES on their wedding day due to hard work, planning, and organization. Success to me is reading their emails – along with messages from their family and friends – following the wedding raving about what an awesome day they had. Success to me is coming home and consistently finding time to spend with God, my husband, and my kids. Success to me is sending/receiving those small pieces of heaven called snail mail – more coming on that in a future post! Those are just a few of my examples of success. What matters MOST to me.

2015 is going to be quite different for me. In both my personal AND professional life. I’m stopping trying to live up with the Joneses and start living up to the person whom I know God wants me to be, in the order that He deems right. I am so grateful that he’s allowed me to live this out and learn without making a disaster of everything. He’s so awesome and amazing. Perhaps one day – when He sees fit to free up some of my current responsibilities and moves me into a different season, there will be (in the words of Gina Zeidler) “white space” to share more frequently. But for now and in 2015, I’m going to really focus on posting extremely meaningful content on my blog – not on any sort of schedule, but just as it happens and as time and order deems suitable, hopefully at least once or twice a week – and being more dedicated in some of those other areas and titles that I’ve been lacking in. I may lose some followers and readers for not being a predictable and consistent blogger (and if you are one of those folks – THAT. IS. AWESOME), but that’s okay! I hope you all continue to follow along and keep up with what’s going on with Hello Love Events! We are still doing things – SO much is planned for 2015 (workshops, styled shoots, weddings, small goals and projects, a HOME OFFICE – SO much), and I can’t wait to share with you all! We’re not shutting down the blog – haha – we’re just setting up some realistic expectations.

We would share more – but that’s for another post. There’s a lot of GREAT quotes on comparison out here, but this simple one resonated with me most just because of this particular post – and I’d like to share it with you!

“When the Lord makes it clear you’re to follow Him in this new direction, focus fully on Him and refuse to be distracted by comparisons with others.” – Charles R. Swindoll
(Pssst – these beautiful photos are courtesy of one of my sweet friends I plan on loving on more in 2015 – Terri Baskin Photography – I love you, girl!)
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