Dirt Hazards Around the Home

Careful Steps Needed

Many hazards hide in the dirt. The baneful and the deadly both take up residence in the cozy layers that lay beneath the feet. No need to cry out of fear, however, suitable arrangements for a safe home are possible.

The Dangers in the Darkness of the Dirt

Most dirt is not harmful, but there can be a quagmire of dangerous poisons mixed in with a patch. Many Americans are grateful the Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 1978, banned the sale of lead-based paint to anyone who wanted to paint a house. The long practice of using the lead-ridden paint eventually caused the three feet of dirt surrounding many homes to become poisoned, making it unsafe for children to play.

Illnesses and even deaths made news in 1978, and still do. Over three decades later, lead again pollutes. If chips falling off the walls did not pollute a property, gasoline exhaust blew onto the property and seeped in, or leaded cans were thrown on.

Molds and fungi can take over the home territory, where there is enough moisture to keep them thriving. These are more common causes of illnesses, especially lung infections. The unexpected onset of congestion might be the result of common dirt hazards the residents never took notice of.

The hazards last unless the owner does everything needed to make the area entirely safe. No way to quickly defeat the problems since dirt tends to stay in the same place. A landscape replacement might do the trick for a lead, but mold and fungi would return. Life goes on with the hazards nearby.

Invisible in the Daily Environment

Under a beautiful garden, invisible poisons hide from the natural attentions an appreciating gardener gives every day. Bacteria, though tiny, can have a significant impact on life. Notorious tetanus resides in the shallow recesses of the soil, waiting for a chance to go through a break in the skin, into the blood. A simple cut on foot is enough. The tiny bacteria are potent enough to kill.

Decent Living In The Home

Once the whole estate is known, no strict action is needed. The poisons sit weakly. Careful steps that keep living activities away from the dangerous dirt is all that is required. Work and play can take place away from the patches where the poisons collect. Inside, a clean floor, free of dirt, makes inside work, play, and leisure safe. Clean feet and shoes do not spread the dangerous dust. Carpets and rugs never get a chance to collect poisons.

The precautions make demands for hazard removal groundless. Concerns can be just taken care of. Keeping contact with the lousy dirt minimal, and always cleaning afterward can prevent any poisoning of the body.

No gambling with dirt hazards! But, learn everything you need to. Just find the dangers mixed in the dirt and stay clear.