Cycling Weddings

We propose a fun, stimulating and unique alternative that has become a trend: cycling weddings.

It is not another day: it is, for the couple, the “big day,” and our friends know it. That is why they agree to try on the matching tail with the groom, dress up in an exotic ritual or end up full of sand on a Paradise Beach. Not to mention the most traditional ones: those in which, above all, they remove heaven and earth looking for shoes and a shawl to match the outfit.

Claim message

But the protocol is now also marked by creativity and informal links, symbolic, simple, thematic and, why not, cheap. The originality has discarded old prejudices, and the wedding biker has entered the list of boyfriends.

“Many couples not only decide to do the posed or the appearance on a bicycle, but they go out to rent a few so that their friends can cross a small town or follow them to the ceremony,” explains William Hill, head of wedding agency. “Beyond the fun and complicity,” he adds, “there is a powerful protest message behind it. The eco-friendly movement is spreading, and bicycle weddings are trending. “

Although it is not easy to pedal with heels, a suit, a short dress or a headdress, sharing the experience is worthwhile. “My advice to the couple is that they risk,” says William, “that they share their hobbies with the guests, and they stop being embarrassed. There’s nothing more fun than pedaling with the people you love. “

The bicycle becomes, then, the perfect ally: a classic, beautiful and dynamic object that unites grooms and guests in a fun and healthy activity.

The keys to success

The bikes. Although many guests have one, not everyone can take it, so sometimes it is better to rent them. Think about the type of route that will be made: the electric ones can be a good option if the road is long or has some difficulty.

Costumes. Elegance must be combined with comfort. Let the guests know what they will find, to bring spare shoes… Or not. Pedaling with heels, sure, will contribute to the fun and anecdotes of the day.

The place. It is not the same as a cyclist wedding in a big city than in an idyllic town. In any case, it is important to choose well which route or route we are going to take: Do you prefer a frantic race to the altar, a relaxed walk to the banquet or a typical course accompanying the newlyweds?

The couple. They are the protagonists. Hence many choose a particular bicycle to head the courtship. Although you have seen everything, renting a tandem or a rickshaw is an excellent option.