Allergies in Wedding Guests

There are occasions where we think of so many things for weddings that we miss some that seem small, but they are fundamental. One of them is allergies.

Are your guests allergic to something? Although it may seem a complicated question to ask (to all the guests!), You can avoid terrible headaches on the day of the celebration, medical emergencies or last-minute changes in the kitchen.

We tell you how to take this matter into your hands.

Allergies in wedding guests

The first thing you should remember is that it is common. One in three people have allergies to shellfish, lactose, nuts (in general, but especially walnuts), are celiac, cannot eat gluten or have a special menu for being vegetarians. Not to mention diets for diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, etc.

What to do? We give you some guidelines that can be very helpful for allergies in wedding guests and, in case of having a real unforeseen, what to do.

How to avoid it

The first thing, which would be the easiest if everyone did it, is to ask before the wedding. What is usually done is to ask in the invitation that if there are allergies in wedding guests mentioned at the time of confirmation; You can take this record in an Excel or print a list with guests and next to each one put the allergy that they tell you, this would be more than ideal, except that, between the rush and the guests not always so attentive, you may not have the information available.

Another option is to create unique menus for allergies in wedding guests. You can become a vegetarian, one for allergies to seafood, one for coeliacs, one for people who can not eat gluten and one “regular,” for example. In these large groups, you are likely to have fewer problems, although it is not so comprehensive and no doubt there may be people who still can not eat anything of what there is.

Choose to break down the ingredients. You can put the menu in the reception room or even publish it days before, the part of publishing it days before is exceptionally efficient, so you will be notified by those who cannot eat specific items, and you can ask for support in the kitchen to make unique dishes. If it is a buffet and you did not have time to ask them, place a card next to each recipe indicating the ingredients and specifying if it is suitable for “vegetarians, diabetics, soy, gluten, etc.”, they will thank you very much.

What to do if it happens

If all the options that we proposed to you fail for some reason and allergies arise in wedding guests, you must be prepared.

The idea is to have a doctor friend; you can tell him in advance if there is a setback so that he is prepared with certain medications that can control the situation quickly. In case of not having it, talk to the restaurant, so they are attentive.

If you think that nobody will be able to attend, ask the sponsor or godmother to have the emergency numbers on hand. This will make everything much easier to deal with.

How would you deal with allergies in wedding guests?