Add Drama to Your Landscape With Flowers

Would you like a sea of color floating on your landscape greenery? The trick is to plant a palette of gorgeous flowers that act as a relief to the leaves and shrubs around them. Color coordinated blossoms can open up your landscape. Try a Carolina Allspice. The Michael Lindsey variety offers glossy red leaves and sweet scents.

In the fall, you’ll spot bright yellow flowers poking their little heads out alongside the brick red ones! Along the sides of your home, you might plant a lighter-colored flowerbed-big, snowy blooms of the Hydrangea Annabelle variety, for instance. These “Annabelle’s” are perhaps America’s favorite old-fashioned shrub!

Growing up to four feet tall, they complement the vivid reds of the Allspice beautifully. An additional benefit is that these blooms, when dried, are also a lovely source of arrangement for your dinner table, or as a coffee table centerpiece. If you have a wooden fence that’s painted a whimsical color, like blue, these snowy blooms make an especially attractive addition, planted lengthwise right in front of the fence.

For indoors and outdoors, a trendy new succulent variety is the Calandiva, a member of the Kalanchoe family. Its miniature rose-shaped flowers bloom quite a long time when kept outside until the first frost. Then, about a month later, new buds appear. As with all succulents, do not over-water Calandivas. Once a fortnight is excellent. They bloom in hot pinks, whites, lemon yellows, and reds.

Are you a purist about one particular type of flower? Place it in a series of clay pots, and go monotone! “Playing with one color along a row of flowering shrubs or bushes is breathtaking,” says Maria R., a landscape designer in the Northern Florida region. “Take a tip from the famed Filoli estate, in California - that mansion of unparalleled beauty - and have lots of potted daffodils and, if you can afford it, a walled garden gate.”

Here are some other touches that’ll liven up your greenery:

  1. Place red and pink flowerbeds right around your front porch. It adds a cute touch and livens up the stairs leading up to your porch, especially if those steps are brick or red-colored.

  2. Arrange reddish mulch wood chips around your tree trunks. It’ll pick up the vivid color of the flowers, while it keeps weeds away from your tree roots, and locks moisture in.

  3. Don’t be afraid of stark contrast - along a horseshoe-shaped row of pinks in the middle, like camellias, with a darker pink on the rim, and, on the periphery, bright daisies or daffodils, for example. Plant a few large elephant ear plants, strategically, at the corners. (Watch out your pets don’t nibble on these, as they are irritating to the mouth and stomach lining.)

  4. If you have a white patio or porch, plant bluebells or violets, interspersed with orange impatiens or marigolds or zinnias, in front. The blue/orange combination will shout: “look at me!” to passersby.

  5. Plant wildflowers and let them grow, well, wild! Keep them tall and unclipped. You’ll think you have an English meadow on your hands when next summer rolls around! Any of these palettes of flowers will present you with waves of color, and give your garden the “oomph” that adds drama to your landscape…and makes your house the talk of the town!