5 Great Eco-Friendly Travel Spots

Eco-Travel with Style

This guide to eco-friendly holidaying and it’s up to the date eco-experience will provide something for everyone.

  1. Belize brings the Placencia Peninsula the first “green” concept eco-friendly type resort to the Caribbean. This grand eco-friendly development is located on 16 acres of glorious white sand beaches accented by distant views of the Maya Mountains. It has taken going “green” very seriously.

To fit every criterion feasible, this resort has gone with geothermal, solar and a water filtration system. This water filtration system boasts of the conservation as many as 1,000 gallons of water per day even at full occupancy. The region is also very quickly becoming a hot spot for second homes as well as an eco-travel friendly option for the 21st century.

  1. Ecuador has deep in its Amazon lush forestry a remarkable eco-friendly alternative for your “green” holiday destination. Nestled in the Ecuadorian Amazon is one of the “greenest” travel lodges around. Called the Kapawi, it was built in 1993 and features 19 thatched bungalows along the river.

Other features include trained European chiefs preparing the finest in Ecuadorian cuisine and bars serving up the latest in cocktails like Chilean Cabernet and Pisco Sours. With a commitment to eco-friendly practices, they have gone many steps further along with the use of solar energy and flush compost toilets. They have also introduced the use of biodegradable soap. Did I mention that there’s nearly no plastic in existence?

  1. In the southwestern region of Montana, you will find the quintessential eco-friendly resort called the Papoose Creek Lodge. Only minutes away from Yellowstone, your “green” holiday experience includes cabins with heated tiles and your choice of organically fed meat from nearby ranches.

This eco-friendly resort works proudly with the nonprofit Trees for Travel, a carbon exchange program. Their collaboration aims are to plant ten trees for each guest in the effort to give back to the environment. Other eco-friendly aspects are the use of organic cleaning materials by housekeeping and cabins built with recyclable materials from Old West fencing.

  1. Mexico is another destination when in search of the whole eco-friendly holiday experience. The 24 room Hotelito Desconocido Ecolodge makes the perfect “green” location. While not for the faint-hearted if you are expecting the modern day amenities like telephones as none of the rooms feature phone service whatsoever.

The resort is solely powered by solar power with other lighting sources coming from candles and torches. The water supply is provided by windmills for services such as spa treatments, and all the hotel soaps are handmade. This eco experience poses a bit of a challenge without the modern convenience of electricity. Nonetheless, if nothing else it will be a memorable experience.

  1. It is in Queensland, Australia where you will be treated to the finest in “green” holiday appeasement. Hidden in the coastal rainforest is the 30 acres Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa. Accommodation consists of treetop bungalows with canopy flooring accessed by an elevated walkway.

The water supply for this resort comes from a natural spring. There is even a recyclable water system for wastewater used for irrigation. With an eco-friendly concept of “learn by living” your “green” holiday experience will incorporate aspects that you can take away with you for future uses.

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