When a bride approaches me with a question that I have not already posted a blog article about, I immediately add it to my list of future blog topics. Well, friends, it happened last week! One of our HLE couples getting married in the fall is not a fan of the traditional bouquet & garter tosses and came to us seeking some fun alternatives that would both entertain guests AND replace the span of time that is normally reserved for the tosses.

With all of the alternatives that I will share with you below, keep in mind that I recommend saving these for after the dance floor has opened. This way, it serves as a ‘surprise’ element and will re-energize your guests as opposed to having them available the entire cocktail hour and/or reception (plus, you save money by limited to a couple of hours). Here we go!


1. Hired Entertainment

This one is always fun, because there are SO many options to choose from! However, it will probably almost have the biggest impact on your budget since it involves hiring external professionals. Some popular ideas include hiring a live painter, performers, different forms of musical entertainment (musical groups, bands, etc.), dance troupes, etc. These tend to be super memorable and guests will be talking about your wedding for ages to come. If you’re looking for ways to make guests forget about the fact that they missed the traditional tosses altogether, this choice is definitely a winner!

2. Late Night Treats

Some of our recent favorites have been pizza deliveries, chocolate chip cookie bars (with cold milk!), and donuts! Super inexpensive, yet always a crowd pleaser since everyone usually has the munchies after lots of dancing and alcohol. If you’re feeling super fancy, ask your caterer about sundae bars or even consider hiring a food truck!

Left Photo Credits // Photographer: Jen Rodriguez Photography // Ice Cream Truck: Sweet Lucie’s
Right Photo Credits // Photographer: Abby Q Photography // Pizza: Bella Familia Pizza


3. Bouquet Dedication

Do you have a special guest who is engaged (and has his/her fiance in tow) and don’t mind sharing the lime light a bit? Call them out to the dance floor and allow them to dance to a romantic tune, while holding your ‘toss bouquet’. A bit into the song, invite all of the other couples out on the dance floor and share a couples dance before letting loose again and dancing the night away. Your friend will, most likely, be extremely touched and it will allow some slow jams to break up the faster-paced songs (and may even get some of the older guests out on the dance floor for a dance or two).

4. Karaoke

Okay, Okay. Who doesn’t love karaoke? I’ve seen the DJ offer up this opportunity at even the most formal of weddings and the guests go wild. I’m def. not saying that your entire reception should be composed of guests taking their shot at becoming the next famous musical artist, but allowing them 15-20 minutes of karaoke jamming may be more popular than you think. Esp. fun with a younger, hipper mix of guests vs. your older generations – so take heed, you know your guests the best. Even better, allow your guests to write karaoke requests on the back of their invitations and randomly select them to hit the mic at the appointed time. What fun!

5. PhotoBooth

Photo Credit: Iconosquare

This is one of the more popular options (dare I say overdone?), BUT – guests will never tire of this fun form of entertainment, we don’t think. Plus, there are so many more types to choose from these days than the black, traditional box that we are used to. You can select to hire a slow-motion booth – which records movement with fun music into a small clip, OR a filming setup that actually allows guests to leave you a short message – LIVE! If either of those options don’t work for you – you can always choose a simple setup with a glitzy backdrop that go with the tried and true snapshot!


We hope that this helps you if you are engaged and/or planning a wedding and are brainstorming some alternatives for the bouquet/garter toss. If you choose pizza – mail me an invite! K, thanks, bye! рџ™‚

Happy Planning! XO – Lacoya