3 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Living Area

Use a General Plan

Even as you contemplate the building of a deck or patio to give your house a more finished and decorative look, you are opening the door for a more complex general plan to create an outdoor living space.

This outdoor living space will take your family’s lifestyle to a new level of fun activities, removed from the more one-dimensional aspect of a simple patio or deck.

Read on to discover three tips for creating an outdoor living space.

Tip #1 Formulate a General Plan

Where a deck is just a deck, a living space considers three different components. These include the actual living space area, the storage area, and the service area.

  1. Living Space. In creating the deck as the start of a general plan, you will have to build it in a way that conforms to the slope of the yard. You might want to elevate the deck, so you have easy access to the house’s backdoors.
  2. Storage. The storage space area is created with the living space in mind. That is, you will want to keep recreational supplies (like volleyballs) handy as they are needed.
  3. Service Area. The service space area, which is the place for trash cans, firewood, and potting soil, for example, should be large enough to accommodate these items while remaining at a reasonable distance from the deck.

A general plan for creating a living space is needed because the three components of the living space interact with each other. Start with the deck and go from there.

Tip #2 Know Zoning Laws

A general plan is useful in creating an outdoor living space. But you should be flexible with this public plan given your city’s zoning laws which point to the potential hazards you might face. You wouldn’t want to build your deck over underground power lines, for example. Zoning laws also set limits on how far from the end of the yard you can make things.

The tip is to create a flexible plan that can be revised to accommodate zoning laws.

Tip #3 Create a Feeling of Privacy

One of the enjoyable parts of creating an outdoor living area is to build it with privacy in mind. You’ll be spending a lot of time outside, and you’ll want to plan for fences that need to be made. You can also be creative as you incorporate those plants and trees that already exist in your private outdoor living area.

in sum, an outdoor living area considers the family’s lifestyle in a more multi-dimensional way than a simple patio does.

Creating an outdoor living area requires a general plan as you make the living space compatible with both your family’s needs and city zoning laws.