10 Top Secrets to Show off the Radiant Skin at Your Wedding

Caring for the skin inside, with a healthy diet and drinking enough water, is essential for you to be resplendent on day B. But it is not enough. We discovered ten beauty secrets to look gorgeous. Ready to take notes?

You’ll be tired of hearing it: the first step to having a beautiful skin is proper care and a beauty routine that includes daily cleansing and moisturizing.

However, it is not so easy to comply with this key with all the stress involved in organizing the link, send wedding invitations to family and friends that you want to accompany you on your big day, find the bride’s hairstyle that best suits you or to see all the wedding dresses the design of your dreams.

With all this work it is easy to feel overcome and that you can neglect your skin. We encourage you to follow these beauty secrets so that you look beautiful in your wedding, with a fresh and luminous complexion.

  1. A healthy diet and… lots of water!

It is important to take care of yourself inside in the weeks before the link. Bet on a healthy diet with great allies, such as superfoods. Quinoa or spirulina, for example, has a high concentration of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. They are ideal because, in small portions, they provide a large number of nutrients beneficial to health. Fruits, vegetables, and vegetables should also be the basis of your diet.

Did you know that lack of hydration causes more wrinkles? If you drink water and resort to another supply of fluids, such as fruits, you will enjoy a younger, hydrated, glowing and radiant skin. The reason is not that water adds volume to the surface and can fill fine wrinkles. And do not forget detox juices, which, as the name suggests, are detoxifying, but also give vitamins and minerals essential for the dermis.

  1. Use soap syndet

Syndet facial cleansers do not contain detergent, so they are highly tolerant and fully compatible with our skin since they have a neutral pH very similar to ours (pH: 5.5). They are suitable for all skin types.

  1. Remove makeup correctly

We have to remove all the makeup from our face to let the skin breathe all night. Use cleansing formulas for the face and apply other specifically to the eyes and lips. Are you already at that time in which you have done make-up tests and also hairdressing? Do you already know which of the 2017 wedding hairstyles you are going to wear on your big day? With a complexion without impurities, you will look more beautiful.

  1. Apply daily facial treatments

It is essential that you incorporate hydration into your daily beauty routine, always using products that are suitable for your skin type, in order not to dry it or oily it. And, according to your age, treatments that prevent the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid and fluoric acid, for example, are used in many formulas, because apart from keeping the skin moisturized, they fill in the wrinkles by hiding them.

  1. Pamper yourself more than usual

It’s true that there has not been a whim that has resisted you: your original bridal shoes have not come out very cheap and instead of betting on the rent of the wedding dress you bought it? Well, your wedding is the perfect excuse to also pamper yourself more with your skin. Go once a month to your beauty center and enjoy, advised by professionals, different treatments that hydrate and clean in depth to present a radiant look on day B.

For the day before the link, request a facial treatment with pure oxygen and active ingredients that penetrate the skin cells, providing the skin with freshness. You can also give yourself several relaxing massage sessions, the better you sleep, the better face you will make.

  1. Incorporate exfoliation into your beauty routine

The skin cells are renewed every 28 days, and it is necessary to eliminate those that die to improve the quality of the dermis. Thus, we recommend exfoliating the skin weekly with a specific product for the face and another for the rest of the body. Although the frequency will depend on factors such as if your skin is beautiful or sensitive (in these cases it will be better to space the treatment).

  1. Protect your lips

It is an area that is often neglected and, however, it is also advisable to moisturize the lips several times a day so that they do not look cracked and dry. We advise you to use factor 30 lip balm, especially if you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors and you will be exposed to the sun, wind or cold. Ready to wear a princess-cut wedding dress, very romantic, with a red lipstick and that is the center of all eyes?

  1. Embellish the elbows

The skin of the elbows usually becomes dry. Avoid it with a bath with salts and bicarbonate weekly that will help you to absorb the moisturizing cream better. You can also perform a specific treatment at a beauty center, especially if even the color of the skin has darkened. Surely in the photos with the wild bridal bouquet, you do not want to see your elbows damaged, so start to remedy as soon as possible.

  1. Take care of makeup brushes

Keep in mind that every time you use them, you add a layer of bacteria and mix colors without looking like it, so do not lend your makeup brushes ever. And to clean them, nothing like a little hair shampoo, a good rinse and let them air dry.

  1. Do not use expired cosmetics

Makeup products are not eternal; they expire between 12 and 36 months after opening. As an orientation guide, makeup bases usually expire after one year; loose powders can last up to two and blushes, approximately one and a half years. In the case of lipsticks, do not keep them for more than two years. In fact, check the labels that indicate the duration of the product, shown by months: 12M is a year and 18M, a year and a half.

We hope you have taken good note of all these tips to wear a skin ten at your wedding. A day in which you will spoil the guests with some very well chosen wedding plans, and he will also be spectacular with his wedding suit. Happy day!