What #ontheroadtofulltime Looks Like Today…

Today is a bit different from my normal everyday routine. My (almost) 2yo daughter came down with what may have possibly been headed towards dehydration yesterday. While my husband headed 30 minutes up the highway to take her to the specialist there to have her checked, I headed to D.C. for a kick-off planning meeting for one of my November couples (they cooked me dinner and we had brownies for dessert! My stomach is still thanking them – haha!)

Once I arrived home, of course, both of the kids were asleep and I spent a few minutes winding down with my husband before he went to bed and I got to work cranking out some to-do’s. I hop onto the computer, kill some action items, send some emails and then hop into bed around 1:00am.

This morning, I decided to stay home with our daughter to make sure she fully recovers from her dehydration. I am also using this bit of time to catch up on more client action items so that I can pause and go to my son’s football game tomorrow evening. This (almost) 2yo is FULL of energy and also potty training so today is a lot of on-computer/off-computer time. Like I said, today is a bit different from my normal routine. This is what my day is looking like right now:


I said all of that to say this:

This life – this #ontheroadtofulltime journey combined with balancing family life……is extremely HARD. It is challenging. It is busy. It is full of sacrifices. Sometimes you are with your family, and sometimes you are not. Sometimes (you feel like) you are on the computer ALL of the time, and sometimes you have your hands full with the kids and feel like you just can’t catch a break. It’s a delicate balance act. Make time for your family. Make time for your business. WOWZA.

BUT, for those of you whose days are looking kind of similar nowadays – just know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You are working overtime NOW, so that one day, soon, you can say no to one thing, walk out of that door and say yes to the things that matter. I am so grateful that my children are still young enough to where I can make these sacrifices now – at a time where they could care less whether I am here or there (well, Xavier is actually beginning to care, lol which i why I better have my tush at that game on tomorrow haha), – and be able to be there when it truly matters later in their lives.

We are doing what it takes. We are pushing through. We are killing it. We are serving others. We are balancing. We are dreaming BIG. We are…..We are….WE ARE. To all of the bossmoms out there, whether you are operating a business and homeschooling, working full-time during the day (or night), watching your pre-school children, etc. You are doing something so much bigger than yourself – and I am giving you 1000 virtual high-fives right now because you ARE killing it! Keep going, keep pushing, keep focused on what matters. You’re doing great! XO

– Lacoya

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