Weekend Wrapup | Williamsburg, Virginia

Hey, Loves!

I am back from a very RELAXING weekend in Williamsburg, VA with my girlfriends (Proof? I took TWO PHOTOS the entire time)! We had a blast and I really enjoyed my time with them. Y’all – it. was. HOT. I mean BLAZING. Due to all of the rain last week, the heat was super humid and sticky and just….yeah. It was rough. We started off on Friday with a sleepover (YAY for sleepovers!!!), and then headed to Williamsburg the next morning after my girlfriend came from the salon.

Our weekend was filled with lots of shopping – including the purchase of this beautiful, gawjus Kate Spade bag:

kate-spade-black-bagYAY! I’ve wanted a Kate Spade bag for such a long time and this weekend, they had an AMAZING sale going on and I just couldn’t pass it up! Now I don’t have to tug along that big bulky, ugly thing you’ve probably seen me around with that needs to die. Hahaha! I love it and may or may not have slept with it last night – right in between my husband and I (I kid…really. Ok maybe just a little).

I also got the pleasure of sharing Sno-to-Go with my girls, which they loved (who wouldn’t!?!)! After all of that, we were pooped from the heat – so we decided to head back to the hotel and take a nap (which meant catching up on some work for me – haha!). Later that evening, we enjoyed my all-time favorite seafood buffet, Captain George’s, where we pigged out on crab legs and other water-based delicacies. YUM-OH! We were basically comatose afterwards and passed out a little after 11pm. Haha #oldladystatus

We ended our trip with a stop at the Five Forks Café – which is like – the best breakfast diner ever. Seriously, if you are ever in town, do yourself a favor and go. We got back into Fredericksburg around 1:30pm and I got to enjoy the rest of the day with my little family. Best day ever! We played Operation – Buzz Lightyear Version, I learned a little bit about Pokémon, we wrestled, did piggyback rides, and I put my precious baby girl to bed. Now, I’m ready to head into another GREAT week, ending with what I know will be an absolutely beautiful wedding day this weekend! CAN’T WAIT! XO


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