Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Award!

A little over 3 years ago, when I started Hello Love Events – I sat down and thought about the person I wanted to be in my business. I seriously thought about it. How I wanted to be perceived by my couples (and other clients – as I started off doing all types of events). Well – the first thing that instantly came to mind was – ‘helpful’. Haha – I know that seems like such a simple and basic word, but that’s honestly the first word that came to my mind. ‘Helpful’. I wanted to sit down with my brides and grooms, learn as much as possible about their vision and little details that meant the world to them, and then literally do all that I could do in order to ‘help’ them make it happen and keep them sane and focused on the real importance of the day – their first steps into marriage – while doing it. Helpful.

Over the years, with the weddings I’ve planned – in my own head and heart – things haven’t been perfect. I’ve been less than efficient in my workflow, horrible with my business finances, sometimes overwhelmed with balancing family, personal, and business. There have been days when I have seriously contemplated just giving it all up and going back to the mundane, boring, safe life that I had before this huge piece of my heart landed in my life. Business ownership is hard. It’s probably only 3rd to being a dedicated wife and mother. It’s REALLY hard. Sometimes, lonely because none of your non-wedding-industry friends can relate, your husband can’t relate, your kids can’t relate. Sometimes you don’t want to vent to your industry-friends because you’re afraid that they’ll see you as incompetent and won’t refer you to anyone (hahaha – #reallife). It’s hard, y’all! I’m sure some of you business-women out there reading can relate, right?!


Oh, but friends – days like these. Days like these, when you get these type of pats on the back, messages from the Lord saying – “keep swimming – you’re doing great!”. These are EVERYTHING. They flood your heart – every part of you and just light your soul on fire! They diminish every doubt that whispers ‘you can’t do this’, every piece of overwhelm that says ‘this is too much’ and crush the naysayers that say ‘you aren’t enough’. This badge, in my heart, has nothing to do with WeddingWire (no shade, WW – we love you!!!), but everything to do with my clients. With this badge, they are sending me a nice little piece of snail mail with my name hand-lettered on the front. Inside there’s a piece of super heavy cardstock from Kate Spade with just 4 little words written in pretty script – “Thanks for being helpful”.



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