The Morning Routine of One Mompreneur


May 2nd, 2016 began my first full day as a full-time wedding planner and I was super ecstatic to try out my newly acquired schedule. I made no promises to myself that this schedule would be perfect in every way and promised to give myself time and GRACE to give it a real shot. Here’s how it turned out. Let’s start with the schedule that I had estimated:



6:30am – Wake up with husband and kids, get dressed for workout, get kids ready for daycare, serve breakfast

7:00am – Drop kids off at daycare (5 mins away)

7:15am – Hop on the treadmill for 30mins (Couch25k Program)

7:45am – Shower and get dressed

8:30am – 30min devotional

9:00am – Begin work schedule

4:30pm – UNPLUG & Pickup kids

Well, it’s 3 months later and I must say that this was a very….optimistic schedule. I truly underestimated the morning time allotment for a lot of things. Here is more or less what ACTUALLY occurs:


6:30am – SNOOZE

6:40am – Wake up with husband and kids, get kids ready for daycare, serve breakfast

6:50am – Get dressed

7:00am – Olivia stilllllllll eating…………..

7:10-7:15am – Drop kids off at daycare (5 mins away – but still have to account for time actually spent IN the daycare)

7:30am – Hop on the treadmill for 30-35mins (Couch25k Program – Depends on what day you are on)

7:45am – Shower and get dressed (Gotta catch my breath….undress, put my shower cap on, music…..yeah. AND it takes normal humans more than 5 mins to get dressed. Let’s be real)

9:00am – 30min devotional (More like 1 hour – my prayer time/devotion is important to me and this is just how long, on average, that it takes me to finish completely)

10:00am – Begin HLE work

4:30-4:45pm – UNPLUG & Pickup kids

It’s comical, really. 1 ENTIRE HOUR OFF, you guys. Haha! But, I’m not really being too hard on myself simply because it’s seriously my first time doing this – ever! I was used to getting up like clockwork to catch the vanpoole and then just starting the hustle upon my return home. I never really had the opportunity to have a REAL MORNING. I’m so grateful and happy these days. I just can’t stop smiling! I am my own boss and I am absolutely learning what that looks like and what schedule will work and ensure that I create a life that’s flexible and works for myself, my family and my business. SO, with THAT being said – I kicked the dirt off of my shoulders and created a revised schedule:



(Evening Prior: Set coffee pot delay to 5:20am)

5:30am – Wake Up & Speed to Coffee

5:40am – Prayer/Devotional (Downstairs Kitchen Table)

6:30am – Get Dressed for Workout, Wake Kids Up, Get Ready for Daycare

6:55am – Drop Kids Off at Daycare

7:20am – Treadmill Run for 30-35mins

8:00am – Shower & Get Dressed

9:00am – Begin HLE Work

4:30pm – UNPLUG & Pickup kids

IT WORKS, YOU GUYS!!! YESSSSSSS! I have been executing this new routine for the past week and I am SOOOOOO in love! The getting up 1 hour earlier is a struggle, y’all – but it’s SO worth it! I’ve always desired for my prayer/devotional to be at the beginning of my day and this new routine helps me to realize that dream! Once I’ve stumbled (literally…zombie status) out of my bed and had a few sips of coffee, I’m actually okay! Once I’ve completed my devotion, I feel like a brand new person and am so ready to tackle the day!

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Before, I never realized how tired I was in the mornings and how much it was affecting my speed (I didn’t drink coffee until right before I started work!). I am clearly NOT a morning person! This new routine works SO well and I am totally loving how much earlier I am starting HLE work! I’ve basically added an entire hour to my work schedule and it’s been SO helpful – esp. with weddings ramping up this month.

As far as my actual WORK routine – well, I’m still working on that. Haha. I’ve been troubleshooting a LOT of different things, but I think I’m getting closer and closer to something that actually works well for me! I’ll be sure to share that with y’all soon, too! But for now – I hope to hear from you! What’s your daily routine?

Happy Tuesday! XO – Lacoya

  • Laura Foote - I love this!!

    I’ve been working on my schedule, too, and am getting closer but it’s still not perfect. I admire you for getting up at 5:30! 6:30 is still kind of killing me hahaha.ReplyCancel

    • hellolove - Laura,
      Hahaha! I love you. Mornings are still hard, but I am much more fulfilled now than I was so I believe it is all about putting things into perspective. 6:30am is stil pretty early for most people, though, so you are doing great! XOReplyCancel

  • Fellicia - Way to go Lacoya. Sharing what you learned, both the good and notsogood, is awesome. I’m taking some tips from you too since my schedule has now changed. Keep blogging sister.ReplyCancel

    • hellolove - Mrs. Fellicia – thanks so much for the encouragement! I really do appreciate it! I can’t wait to hear updates regarding your new routine – I am praying it all works out so well for you! XOReplyCancel

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