Tiffany & Jed were definitely one of my favorite couples of this year! They complemented one another SO well, with Tiffany being the organized planner bride with all of her ducks in a row. She made my job seem like a dream in that we worked so well together while pulling together all of the details for their special day. Jed was the playful, lighthearted part of the duo and he always made our planning sessions super fun! They met while in medical school and have been lovebirds ever since! Their wedding day brought two big families together to be unified through marriage and you would have thought they’d all been together since birth.

I loved getting to know their families and seeing them all having so much fun together was truly the highlight of the day! Get this – their college mate actually applied to be an officiant through the district JUST so that he could be the one to legally sign their marriage certificate and declare them husband and wife. Is that not super amazing or what?! They partied until 12AM! And then partied some more. And some more. The DJ literally had to escape because they wanted the celebration to continue! So much fun!

All of that aside – Shandi Wallace is a photographer genie, it’s official. Don’t you feel as though you were there in the flesh with these beautiful, amazing photos that she captured! She definitely made the day a lot sunnier with her calm and pleasant nature! I can’t wait to work with her again! Enjoy the amazing moments that she captured from this amazing couple on their amazing day! XO

Wedding Coordinator/Stationery: Hello Love Events

Venue/Catering: The Omni Shoreham – Washington, D.C.

Photographer: Shandi Wallace Photography

Videography: Dolce Studio Films

Florals/Uplighting/Decor: DaVinci Floral & Event Design

Bakery: Kogibow Bakery

Hair/Makeup: Premiere Hair & Makeup

Guest Favors: Georgetown Cupcake

Ceremony Music: Palm Strings Quartet/Bialek’s Music

DJ: DJ Justin/Washington Talent Agency



2015 hosted a slew of amazing brides and grooms all over the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area – couples of all shapes, sizes, and cultural backgrounds! While every single experience was totally beautiful and amazing, my two poor, die-hard assistants were, literally, ran into the ground – yikes! While planning for next year’s amazing lineup of weddings, and figuring ways to better serve my couples AND my prized assistants who come along for the ride, I’ve decided to add on a few more ladies to my team to come along on wedding days!


Who am I looking for? My ideal applicants are ladies who:

  1. Are passionate about marriage – we will be standing beside a bride and groom as they enter into their first few hours of marriage surrounded by their closest family and friends. This is not all about ensuring that all of the details are in place. We are there to assist them to make this transition as smooth as possible for them so that they can be totally present and focused on the magnitude of the vows that they are about to speak to one another. Marriage is serious – and we should honor it that way.
  2. Pay attention to detail – it’s easy to set things up and put them where the couple wants them. It’s quite another to ensure that the chairs are aligned and spaced right, to ensure that the menu cards are laid just right on those place settings, that the  bridal party’s bra straps are not showing. These are things that are easily overlooked by those who aren’t really worried about the small details. I’m looking for those ladies who know that 100% perfection is never possible, but try their best to make sure that the details are not overlooked.
  3. Are desiring to gain more experience/learn about the wedding industry – while you are not here in the HLE office as I plan these weddings directly with the couple, there is SO much to be learned from actually being responsible for bringing those details to life! Wedding days are what we’ve all been waiting for – the day when these days, months and even years of planning are finally executed and an entire wedding day is brought to life. Then, at the end of it all, our couples and their guests are able to walk out stress-free and enjoy the remainder of the day while we are able to close it out for the night. It’s unexplainable and one of the best feelings in the entire world! If you are excited about seeing this happen, you should apply!

If you fit the descriptions above and would be interested in applying, please send me an email to lacoya(at)helloloveevents(dot)com and I will be happy to forward you an application and the remaining details for the position (deadlines, requirements, application process, etc.). I am honored that you are considering joining my team for next year and I can’t WAIT to meet you! Chat, soon!

XO – Coya

  • Keana Butler - I LOVE assisting!!!! Doing this has opened a passion in me and I now have a better eye for helping to create magic!!! Thank you for the opportunity!ReplyCancel

  • Keana Butler - I love assisting! Seeing the magic come together is invigorating! Thank you!!ReplyCancel

We are still in wedding day bliss recovery over here, but still wanted to share a few behind-the-scene shots from Tiffany & Jed’s wedding this past weekend at The Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC! We had a blast working with an amazing vendor team and can’t wait to see all of the beautiful photos from the ever-so-talented Shandi Wallace Photography and the promo film from Dolce Studio Films! They will be so much prettier than my iPhone photos – haha! Enjoy your Monday, friends!

We will be working hard this week to tie up loose ends on our Oct. 10 wedding before heading to the Pursuit Conference next week! I am so EXCITED! Have a great day, friends!!! XO

– Lacoya     


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Y’all. There’s something that really been weighing on my heart these past couple of weeks. If you’ve noticed – it seems like more and more small businesses are being created by those who have decided to pursue their dreams and become entrepreneurs. That is SO GREAT! SO GREAT, you guys!

Whether or not they’ve decided this early on prior to entering the workforce, or if they’ve been in corporate America for a while and decided to part ways in order to work their business full-time. SO GOOD – SO EXCITING!!!

HOWEVER, what I’ve also seen on the rise right along with that is business owners who have absolutely no confidence. None!!! When I meet aspiring business owners or businesses who have just started, OR businesses who have been at it for sometime now – it seems as though I’m meeting more and more people who are not excited about what they do, the products they sell – none of it. When I ask about their business and how it serves others, they get quiet, timid and become a person of few words and/or say a lot but have no excitement in their voice. And you know what this type of attitude will get you as a small business?? Failure. Failure before you even get started good. You know why?
If that ain’t the truth, I don’t know what is. In a society where SO MANY are deciding to take the entrepreneurial route – the importance of finding strategies to set yourself apart from everyone else, something as little as ATTITUDE and CONFIDENCE can go soooooo far! Even though most of our target audiences are visual (in the creative field) – having absolutely beautiful work on your website is NOT ENOUGH! Not only is your website breathtaking, but so are so many others!!! Do you find yourself having consultations and just not closing any deals? Do you find yourself networking and networking – until you’re blue in the face – and still not getting any referrals? Then, my friend, I would, first, ask yourself how you are presenting yourself and how you are persading others that YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and worth the value that you are charging for your services. WHY should they choose you over less-expensive or equal competitors??? In this day and age, these answers could MAKE or BREAK you! Now, of course, there is a LOT more that goes into marketing/sales, etc. than just how you come off to people, but if you have a medicore attitude about your BABY, your BUSINESS, your GIFTS – and you have no confidence/excitement about your work when networking and/or speaking with clients, then chances are – the rest does not matter!

Ok. I’m stepping off of my soapbox for now, but I just REALLY felt the need to speak on this, today! I’m seeing way too many business owners with BEAUTIFUL and talented work, but when I hear them talk about it to others – it almost sounds like – girl, is this YOUR work we’re talking about or someone else’s – because you don’t sound like what I see is what I’ll get?!? I feel sort of scared right now (as a client or as a referrer). JUST SAYING. HAVE SOME CONFIDENCE AND SELL YOURSELVES! Of course, there is a difference between confidence and arrogance and/or putting down other business owners in order to push yourself higher (that’s not confidence at all), but that might be for another post. Haha! YOU’VE GOT THIS. Now sound like it when you are sharing your gifts with others!!!

I will just leave this right here.  This is so true. I believe it. I’m living it. And you can, too! XO

– Lacoya

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Happy Monday, friends!

This past weekend was filled with lots and lots of ink and toys! In preparation for my upcoming trip to the Pursuit Conference in Rome, GA in the middle of a wedding week, I have been tackling so many to-do’s for weddings this upcoming weekend AND the weekend after the conference!

Here’s a little sneak peek of the pretty escort cards for my wedding this upcoming weekend! YAY! 

We also celebrated Olivia’s turning 2 years old! *cue the momma alligator tears* I feel as though it was just yesterday that I was so OVER being pregnant and then, just like that, she was here and now she’s two!!? Sheesh. We celebrated small this year after going overboard for her first. One of her friends from church came over and we had BBQ, cake and ice cream. Good times. 

Heading into this week with a grateful heart and ready to knock out some beautiful weddings in the coming weeks! Make today great, friends! XO

– Lacoya

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