Wow. I never imagined how much my company would have grown since I decided to start on this journey a little over a year ago. Time flies – but not without progress. When I started ‘Miraculous Events’ last year, I knew I wanted it to be not good…but great! I wanted it to be…..quite frankly – freakin’ fabulous! But I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted it to end up. So I just jumped in and started!

Now in the beginning, I was my own designer. Ha – I laugh about it now, but it was really sad. I went through about 3 different designs and branding for my company before I arrived here, and it was just sad. When I was done redesigning each time – I would love it! I would be completely in love. Now I sit here and look at them and I despise them all. Hahaha! Shall I share?

Heck – I can’t even find my original logo. It was black and white, in a basic font you can pull from Microsoft Word – and I even added some stars circa ‘Bewitched’ to go with the ‘Miraculous’ part of my old name. Terrible.

Shortly after, I decided to redo. I wanted to have a cleaner, more upscale look. Again…factory font. I played around with visual effects in Powerpoint for some unique touches. #FAIL



*Shudders* SHAME! This one held on for about …..3-4 months. Then I was ready for another go!

OldLogo2Again. I don’t know why I felt the need to go back to the ‘bewitched’ feel. *Sigh* Oh well. Eventually, I knew I needed to invest in a professional. That’s where Katie – from KD Creative – comes in. She’s amazing! Love her! Awesome! Stay tuned!

I n s t a g r a m