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Ahhhhh – can I go back, already?!

This past Tuesday was my husband and I’s 3rd wedding anniversary (YAY!). We have never really went anywhere for an extended period of time without the kids, so we decided to plan a weekend getaway somewhere closeby. At first, my husband was doing all of the planning – but once he revealed that he was considering a place in the boonies of Maryland out in the middle of nowhere – I decided it was time for me to take the reigns. It’s the thought that counts babe – I love you. Anywhoo – my first thought was Charlottesville. I’d heard from several of my personal and industry friends that Charlottesville is SO pretty and full of lots of fun and romantic things to do, so I thought this would be great! Well, unfortunately – there was some musical festival going on this weekend, so even with airbnb, we couldn’t find any lodging within 15-20 miles of the place! Oh well – next time!

My next thought was Williamsburg! My husband and kids had visited almost exactly one year ago for a family weekend getaway, and had ended up visiting Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens. It was super fun – but definitely more for the children than the adults. We hadn’t even touched any of the more mature things to do – so this would be FUN! I was TOO excited to start planning! I tried to plan a combination of things that both he and I would love doing. I’m more of a foodie – so I love discovering new and popular eateries to visit. My husband, on the other hand, loves exploring and learning and trying new things – which I LOVE, also so it was a win/win! I received sooooo many recommendations for things to do/see from my social media friends (THANK YOU!), that we had a FULL weekend and it was SO much fun! Check out our photo-itinerary below!

We setout on Friday evening for dinner at Captain George’s Seafood Buffet. The reviews for this place were mostly good, but there were quite a few that had less than favorable thoughts about the place, so I was wary. SO glad we ended up trying it out because it was FABULOUS! The crab legs…..SO. GOOD. They were well seasoned (which was contrary  to some of the reviews) and the buffet was stocked full of sooooo much stuff to try! My favorites included the crab legs, steamed shrimp, prime rib, macaroni and cheese (which is rare for a buffet restaurant!), and steak rolls – YUM! You guyssss, they also had the CUTEST bathrooms! They had foot bars so that you didn’t have to touch the doors to exit once you had washed your hands and had exfoliating salts that smelled like heavennnnn (which actually turned out to be ‘almond’)! I loved the scent so much, that I purchased some body butter in the same scent at the front desk – definitely an impulse buy because I normally would never spend $22 on a small container of anything – haha!


Afterwards, we were stuffed and pooped from work earlier that day and the drive so we headed to the resort to relax for the rest of the night. After lots of research, we chose to stay at the Historic Powhatan Resort. Well folks – it did not disappoint. What was really great is our ‘apartment’ was HUGE – it had 2 bedrooms and 2 baths with a fully stocked kitchen and living room. It also had great amenities like washer/dryer, spa tub, and outdoor patio, and free Wi-Fi (YES for late night movie-watching!). The great thing about this resort is that because it’s basically a timeshare property rented out to travelers when the owners of the timeshare aren’t using it – we got this place for what we would normally get a decent hotel room – #winning! I didn’t get any great photos of the place, but here are some from TripAdvisor (not exactly what we had, but VERY similar!)



The next morning, we were ready to hit up the best of Williamsburg and I was SO excited because it was a beauuuuuutiful day! First, breakfast! I found the Five Forks Café on Yelp while research the best breakfast spots in the area. This one was definitely amongst the top-rated and for GOOD REASON! Folks – if you go to Williamsburg, do yourself a favor and visit this place for breakfast. THE. BEST. I have not been able to find corn cakes – basically pancakes made out of cornbread – since I moved from Alabama when I graduated from college. I ordered the corn cake breakfast – which came with 2 eggs and bacon. I also adore pancakes, so I ordered one of those on the side – which ended up being the size of my entire other plate – haha! It was SOOOOO GOOD! The corn cakes came with a side of honey butter, and the bacon is DEEP. FRIED. PEOPLE. I would’ve thought they would be too crispy after frying in oil, but they were actually quite soft and flexible – which is the only way I’ll eat it! YUMMY!


Once we were stuffed for breakfast, we headed to our first destination –  the Williamsburg Winery – the largest winery in the state! I didn’t get too many photos here either, but it was awesome! We both went on the tour+tasting (only $12/person!). Of course, my heart did a pitter patter when we toured the event space that was purposely built to look ‘old’ but really is only about 10 years old – they did an amazing job! We also went through the actual process of making wine, which was very interesting and my favorite – the tasting! I’m just now starting to become more interested in broadening my appetite for different types of wine – I’ve always been a moscato girl, but I was able to open my eyes to the less sweet, more complex wines and some were actually really good!


After getting drunk off of wine (haha – I kid), we decided to hit up the outlets to grab me a pair of close-toed shoes for some later-in-the-day activities (I forgot to pack some!). Afterwards, we decided to grab some lunch at Food for Thought – another highly recommended place from some friends! Unfortunately, we were still so full from breakfast that we couldn’t try anything too heavy, so we opted for the soup and salad. It was really good too, though! I got the crab chowder and ceasar, and hubby grabbed the roasted red pepper vegetable soup and a tossed salad (which looked super fresh!). We were full, but we saved some room for mid-day dessert at Sno-to-Go! Ahhhh – you guys, this place has the best sno cones I have ever tasted. Most of the sno-cone places that I have tasted have contained ice that was shaved, but still gritty in your mouth due to the size. Not at this place – the ice literally melted in your mouth. SO good! It even had the ‘stuffed’ version (you can actually see the visual breakdown on the photo below!) where they layer in ice cream between the sno-cone portions – yummyyyyyy. Quite possibly one of my favorite stops out of the entire trip! Beware though – do not be bamboozled by the cup sizes, they are deceiving – get a SMALL! Hubby and I each got a medium and it was TOO. MUCH! I literally couldn’t even eat all of mine.


Afterwards, we headed to Alewerks, the local brewery, for a tour + tasting! It was really cool because you could tell once you stepped into the place that it was a small business from the way the workers greeted you warmly and smiled and were just very welcoming! Anyone who knows me well knows I despise beer – it’s pretty much disgusting, but I knew my babe would love it so I decided to schedule this for him. I was SO happy to actually enjoy hearing about the place and how beer was made, and even the tasting wasn’t so bad – except for the extremely hoppy beers – yuck. Just nasty (my husband loved them!).


My husband isn’t a HUGE fan of itineraries, so after this tour I left a bit of white space for us to just explore! We headed to Merchant Square to hang out until dinner (we had a LOT of time – around 3 hours – haha!), so we toured a lot of the shops, purchased some fudge (yum!) and a cheese plate (Yay Cheese Shop!) for late night movie time back at the hotel, toured the Art Museums of Williamsburg, ate some YUCKY hot chocolate (which was basically just a chocolate bar melted down – too much!), and simply held hands and enjoyed one another. I loved it! Around 7pm, we headed to Blue Talon Bistro for dinner. Since it was a nice day outside, we grabbed one of the outdoor patio tables and just chatted ourselves away. My husband is the best – he’s not much of a conversationist, but he is for me – and I love him so much for it. We finished our meal – which was tasty, and talked until the sun went down. Ah – can I go back?!!!



After dinner, we headed back to the hotel to simply relax, enjoy each other, and watch a movie (The Best Man Holiday!). Literally, the best ever. Ah!!! The next morning, I actually had planned to try out another breakfast place in town, but I couldn’t resist heading back to the Five Forks Café! I had been dreaming about the corn cakes all night!!! Hahaha. On our way out, we also grabbed some infamous DUCK DONUTS! Seriously – why don’t we have one of these in Fredericksburg? Made-to-order doughnuts – are you kidding me?! Our car literally smelled like maple syrup and bacon the entire trip back!


Quite possibly one of my FAVORITE stops, though, was our last one on the way home. My husband is really interested in purchasing a gun for home protection and has done a lot of research on them, but neither of us have ever actually fired one before. So while planning the trip, I went searching for a local shooting range for us to test out our skills on, which is when I discovered the Colonial Shooting Academy – one of which is located in downtown Richmond! This place is a state-of-the-art shooting academy featuring educational classes, a full-stocked store with all of your gun/shooting needs, and a full indoor/outdoor shooting range – how cool is that!?! Hubby and I are definitely planning to come back to attend one of their all-day instructional classes, but we for now, we just hit the range and fired our first gun!!!


I learned a couple of things about shooting that day:

1) Guns are a LOT louder than what you hear in the movies (!!!!!! Even with the muffs on, it was LOUD and took a while to get used to). If shot up close, next to dying – I would be most afraid to lose my hearing

2) Guns are a lot more dangerous/scary in person – esp. when someone inexperienced is holding them (haha!)

3) Guns are EXPENSIVE

4) Actually shooting a gun is very scary, but also very exciting and exhilarating

5) Unloading a gun is very SCARY

6) Working most guns as a leftie is a bit awkward and takes some getting used to because they are made for right-handed folks

Ah!!!! This weekend was a DREAM. After visiting, hubby and I are actually debating retiring here. It’s one of the warmest, friendliest places we’ve ever been with lots of fun things to do that you don’t have to be 20-something and a marathon runner to do, plus it’s a great place for kids, too (for future grandchildren – haha!). Yes, we think ahead people. We had a blast this weekend, friends, but one of my happiest moments was returning home, walking through the door and having my kids run into my arms. It was so bittersweet to be home and I can’t wait to return soon (for the corn cakes – lol!), but for now – home is where my heart is.

Thanks for riding along through my novel of a weekend (it was amazing, though, right?!) Make this week great, friends!!! XOXO

  • Megan Kelsey Marcus - Aren’t guns terrifying?! I actually hate them. Haha. Justin has taken me shooting a few times and it always takes a couple of hours to get my heart rate back down to normal! Lol! I’m so glad you two had a weekend away and had so much fun together!!! I can’t WAIT to be able to take trips like this with Justin! <3ReplyCancel

  • Mary Marantz - Ohhhh so fun! Looks like an amazing trip!


    • hellolove - AHHHH! Mary! You’re here. On my blog – Hahahaha I’m totally tickled – it means so much when someone I admire so much stops by and says hello. Thank you so much! (and yes – we had a fabulous time!) XOReplyCancel

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