2016 brought a slew of revelations my way – some enlightening and then others downright mindblowing. I was blessed to be able to walk away from my career as an engineer in corporate America and pursue Hello Love Events full-time! I dived into my Word more consistently than ever. I lost close to 30lbs in total. I increased my cardiac endurance to the highest it’s even been in my life. I make some breakthroughs in my marriage. I gained victory over some addictions that I have struggled with since childhood.

2016 was hard – but the results made all of the tears worth i. My aim is to make 2017 even better. My word of the year is “become”. To me – this means that I desire to become everything that the Lord has destined me to become in 2017, whatever that may be. A loving wife. A nurturing mother. A prosperous business owner. I want every single thing that He has for me in this season. How do you plan to achieve all of this, you may ask?

One of the things that I learned in 2016 is that the quickest way to reach a goal is to remove all that hindering you from attaining it. Heading into the new year, I began to hear whispers about the resurrection of Nancy Ray’s Contentment Challenge (which you can read all about here!), I thought to myself – “Well…..I don’t really struggle with being content with what I have” and shrugged it all in every way. But the Lord began to speak to my heart regarding the challenge and, here in January 2017, I’ve begun to hear a new whisper in my heart.

Although I am content with what the things I do have, I am realizing that I have way more than I actually NEED. Therefore, I am answering the call of my heart this year by participating in the contentment challenge and aiming to declutter and purge several  areas of my cluttered life. I want to remove things that don’t serve my or my families’ lives and make room for the things that actually do. These things don’t necessarily have to be tangible items, but we must understand that sometimes the emotions, thoughts, and actions that we can’t touch actually take up the most room in our lives and cause us to lose focus on what’s important and valuable. God is calling me to serve in an amazing and mighty way and in order for me (and my family) to truly be able to absorb everything that He has for us – some things have got to change (or be removed altogether!). Let’s do this!

My contentment challenge will begin in February and go until the end of April. In order to hold myself accountable, I wanted to share something with you! Last week, I was able to dedicate some time to actually recording and organizing the rules, guidelines and monthly goals for the entire challenge! YAY! I want to post them here for transparency (for those of you who are also participating and need some encouragement and/or ideas) AND for accountability (if you read this, be sure to commit to asking me how I’m doing every now and then when you are able! I’d so appreciate it!). Here they are!

I will pop in at the beginning of the challenge (February) and share more specifics about my first month’s theme and goals and also plan to share updates here occasionally. I cannot wait to complete this challenge and review everything that I have learned in order to move forward in 2017 as the very best version of myself that I can possibly be. I am looking forward to supporting hundreds of other women (and men, too!) who have committed to contentment challenges of their own. Here’s to a wonderful kickoff to 2017 – who’s with me!

XO – Coya


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