10 Wedding Trends that Need to Retire

Some to come back 5 years from because we love them but have had enough of at this point and then others that just need to stay in the grave.  You know them – those elements that you see plastered all over Pinterest that look amazing and therefore encourages every bride alive to request them on her very own special day creating a sense of overwhelm & cringe to wedding planners & event designers everywhere. Last week, I shared a post that predicted the wedding trends for this year and this week, I thought I’d flip the script and go for highlighting those details that make us all *wince* when we hear them in fear of being too “pinteresty”, too overdone, out of style, or just plain wrong.

Disclaimer: If you are a bride or groom and come upon this blog post and are horrified to see some of your near-and-dear wedding elements listed, don’t hate me! This blog post is definitely not meant to bash anyone’s special day (I’m a wedding planner who LIVES for wedding days, trust me!) and meant more for humor and fun among the wedding industry more than anything else! As wedding planners who are immersed in a ton of wedding details throughout the year , we see a LOT of these elements over and over again and it becomes more repetitive than just zoning in on one day. Your day will be beautiful and amazing and we hope that it’s everything you hoped and dreamed of (and that’s all that matters!). Enjoy!

Marsala Palettes

Marsala was Pantone’s Color of the Year – in 2015. 2 years later and it’s still going strong. The deep, velvety romantic characteristics of this tone makes it a favorite for fall and winter weddings and allows for the flexibility of going with a heavier, more dramatic feel or an overall brighter scheme with pops of the color here and there. But after over 2 years of reigning supreme – we’d love a bit of break. Au revoire, sweet friend. May you rest in peace (please).

Wine Cork Everything

I literally laughed out loud when a wedding planner friend mentioned that she is so done with sticking escort cards inside of wine bottle corks. But let’s take a deeper look into this popular element.

Photo Credits:
Escort Cards / Wine Lovers Wedding Bar // Cork Sign: Matt Edge Photography
Table Numbers / Planner: Burkle Events / Photographer: Jessica Charles Photography


They are EVERYWHERE. While quite beautiful and, at a certain time past, unique – the season for these are over. Come back again, soon!

Drunken Sparkler Exits

While the resulting photos from sparkler send-offs are usually breathtaking, the general equation that we like to use in the planning world for this event is:

Alcohol + People + Party + Coordination + Fire = Doom. #prayersaregreatlyappreciated

While I have been graced to make it out alive from all of our beloved sparkler send-offs, I’m pretty positive that my liability insurance policy would decrease dramatically if sparkler exit coordination were removed from my list of offered services. But, alas, it’s here to stay!


Photo Credits:
Left-Hand Photos / Photographer: Amy & Jordan // Planner: Imoni Events
Right-Hand Photo / Photographer: Amanda Megan Miller Photography


When this phenoma arrived on the scene in buckets around 2-3 years ago, we were SO. IN. LOVE. Such a glamorous touch. Such an elegant accent! Until it began to spiral out of control. All 15-20 guest tables dressed in sparkles. Sequined bridesmaids dresses (which aren’t super flattering on all body shapes). Sequined backdrops. Ah! Now, don’t get me wrong. I love sequins! But sequined everything may be a bit too much. Everything in moderation is our motto.

Photo Booths

So fun, but so done. I can only imagine what guests think when they’ve attended 5 weddings this year and all of them have the expected photo booth. Photo booths are super fun, don’t get us wrong, but there are SO many alternative options out there that are just as unique and interactive! Video booths are emerging as a super fun alternative (think Boomerang or insta-stories, or even voice-recordings, slo-mo – wedding style!)! Take a walk on the wild side and try something different!

“Pick a Seat, Not a Side”

…or any other overdone, cheesy phrase. There are plenty of ways to tell guests that there are no assigned seats for the ceremony – just think a bit. Is it really necessary that it rhymes? I dare say it’s not. Other classic phrases that need a rest are: “You can find your seat here, but your place is on the dance floor”, “live, laugh, love”, etc. etc. These are all catchy – but I encourage and charge all engaged couples to be intentional with every piece of the day (esp. if there’s money involved) and brainstorm ways to be fun AND original!

Photo Credits:
Left-Hand Photo / Designer: Mulberry Market Design
Right-Hand Photo / Photographer: Jenny Smith & Co. // Planner: Debby Baltas (No Link Available)


Pachelbel’s “Canon in D”

Can’t get any more traditional than this can it? I mean, it’s a beautiful melody, but I like to call this the “I just don’t have time to pick out a song selection” processional choice. Some stricter venues (i.e. churches, etc.) actually limit the options for processional music, so I totally understand in those situations – but if you’re getting married ANYWHERE else that allows the option to switch it up – please take the leap, friend – unless, of course, it actually means something to you. Then, by all means – go for it!

“Single Ladies”

+ Bouquet Toss. Enough said. No, actually not enough. There are OTHER SONGS to choose from!!!!!! I promiseeeeee! #sendhelp.

Bouquet + Garter Toss

I may lose some people here, but stop doing things just because you’re “supposed” to. Long gone are the times in which you have to do ANYTHING that doesn’t align with your vision or unique personalities. If you find tossing a feaux (or god forbid, the actual and risk cold cocking one of your guests) bouquet to a ton of women and witnessing the ensuing wrestling match old and tired – toss the entire thing! There are few requirements when it comes to what should/should not be done on YOUR wedding day. As I mentioned in the header of this post – it’s YOUR day. Make sure you find sentimental value in every piece of it and not simply including pieces because you feel as though you’re supposed to do it. That concept is dead and gone. Make this 24 hours 100% your own and don’t apologize to anyone about it!

Photo Credits:
Left-Hand Photo / Photographer: Lyndsi Espinel Photography
Right-Hand Photo / Photographer: A Bryan Photo



Rustic chic. Rustic with modern touches. Rustic glam. What does any combination of this word even mean anymore???? Burlap with gold accents? Barns with chandeliers and loads of flowers? Cowboy/girl boots? Le sigh. This entire word should be retired from weddings for all eternity. I’m sure there are plenty others who would agree.

Well – I think that should just about do it for today (we want to have a few friends left after this is all over!). I hope that you all enjoyed the humor with us and didn’t get the blood pressure up TOO high while reading along! We love weddings – the good, the bad, the “not done enough” and the “STOP. ENOUGH” stuff, too. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Did we miss any dead-beaten horses? Share with us in the comments below! XO


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